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The 2020 Census
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 6/27/19 10:57pm Msg #72575
Donald Trump is upset that SCOTUS decided today that citizenship status could not be part of the 2020 census. Trump says it's ridiculous that the government cannot ask about citizenship, but that's not what the SCOTUS decision said - what they said was that the question on the census form was contrived and sent the case back to a lower court for a better explanation from the government for adding that question to the census. They can still ask the question, but if they want to ask it as part of the census, they need to have a legitimate reason for doing so.

This is how our system of government works - there are rules and guardrails to make sure that privacy is not violated. The census is not about WHO you are, it's about WHERE you are. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that suggests that citizenship is an issue - it's literally just a body count. Why do we need to know who is a citizen and who is not? That was never a consideration.

Trump now wants to delay the census indefinitely until the question can be decided. This is yet another example of him either not understanding or just ignoring the Constitution. The census HAS to happen in 2020 - it cannot be delayed until Trump gets what he wants, and the questionnaire HAS to be finalized this year in order to be distributed early next year and give census workers time to go door to door to contact those who didn't respond.

Should the census ask about citizenship? I don't think so - there's no requirement in the Constitution that we differentiate between citizens and non-citizens; the enumeration is supposed to be of everyone living here, without regard to citizenship
(other than the 3/5 person a slave was worth, but we got rid of that...).

If undocumented individuals live here, they should be counted, because they're a person to whom services will be provided - whether you like it or not.

As an aside, I'm no longer going to refer to undocumented individuals as "illegal aliens" - we're ALL illegal aliens. This is not our land, we stole it from the aboriginals, and no matter how you try to spin it, it was never ours to populate and govern in the first place. The idea that WE - mostly the descendants of Europeans - can decide who can and cannot come here is bizarre. Worse than that, we're deciding whether indigenous people on our fake southern border - who lived there long before we stole the land - cannot come here either.

And as that photo of the father and daughter who died trying to cross the Rio Grande shows, people will risk their lives to get here to freedom. They're not the drug dealers or murderers or rapists of Trump's fevered mind - they're people who desperately want to find a better life. And we fail them by letting this happen.
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