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Re: Crossing the line
Posted by bagger of IL on 7/15/19 6:56pm Msg #72669
"No, they're progressives. AOC is a democratic socialist, not a socialist. There's a difference."

Sorry, but you are so wrong here. There is NO DIFFERENCE between a "democratic" socialist and a socialist. Be as PC as you want, but a pig is a pig, you may want to call a pig a horse, but it's still a pig. Pedophiles now want to be called MAP's (Minor Attracted Person) call them what you wish, but they are still sick pedophiles.

"Nonsense - they want to improve it and undo some of the damage Trump has done to it. I don't agree with all of their positions, but I also don't think they are trying to tear down democracy. Wasn't it Steve Bannon who said he wanted to tear down the system and rebuild it? As I recall, he was working in the WH at the time."

Trump has not done any damage. The economy is thriving, business is booming, the DOW is at an all time high, and don't even go giving credit to Bummy.

"3. They are all an embarrassment to even their own party."

More nonsense.
Really? Then why is Nancy trying to calm The Squad down>?

Why? Is there some sort of rule that says that? I've seen them in committee hearings, and they seem to know what they're doing.

Let me ask you, your first year on the job, did you try to change the way the corporation did things, or did you keep your mouth shut and find out problems?

And, to point #5. Show me proof that is was racist.
Are you really a mind reader in disguise? If so, you should get an act in Vegas
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