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Re: Trump loses once again
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 5/23/19 7:46pm Msg #72500
"You do realize that this is nothing more than a political move by the do nothing Demonrats don't you?"

Not at all. this is Congress trying to exercise their Constitutionally requires oversight responsibilities - and the courts, the third co-equal part of the government, are saying that Congress has always had a right to do that.

Trump is not the boss - he's the head of a co-equal branch of our government. He does NOT have the right to decide what the other two branches can or cannot do, nor does he have a right to obstruct their constitutional duties. That type of "my way or the highway" attitude may have worked for him in private business, but the presidency is not private business.

Regarding "do nothing Democrats" - Trump just said he refuses to negotiate with them until they stop the investigations. He did that at a meeting to discuss infrastructure - Schumer showed up with a 30-page document explaining the Democrats plan, and Trump refused to even look at it. So who is doing nothing? Who is obstructing? Your hero is refusing to do his job - which is to faithfully exercise the office - because he's having a hissy fit about the investigation. Even Clinton and Nixon were able to walk and chew gum at the same time - lots of legislation was passed during their investigations. Trump seems to be unable to focus on anything that doesn't involve him personally.

The Democrats are willing to negotiate on infrastructure. We need to have Congress authorize a new debt ceiling within the next couple of months. Trump has taken his toys and gone home - he won't talk to them until they stop the investigations. He's basically abandoned his oath of office because he's angry about his financial information possibly becoming public - something every single president for the past 40 years has done,

That's not political - as a citizen, I want to know where the leaders are getting their money, and until Trump, we had the answer. Trump refuses to provide it, so his CO-EQUAL branch of government is within their right to demand it; we elected a president, not a king.

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