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What a bunch of BS!
Posted by bagger of IL on 5/27/19 8:16am Msg #72509
My stance on this is quite simple. Abortion (the termination of a human life) is murder. Period. And I will continue to point out the blatant lies propagated by the anti-life group of murderers.

“abhorrent videos and photos of alleged baby parts from late term abortions”

Well, sorry to break your little my safe space bubble, but murder is abhorrent.
And, how do you know that these were alleged baby parts?

“Have you every witnessed one of these events?”
Have you?

“Anti choice fanatics exhibiting doctored and inaccurate photos and videos is pretty disgusting.”

Once again, murder is pretty disgusting, and just how do you know that the photos and videos were doctored? How much doctoring to you have to do to make murder disgusting?

Anti choice? Now that’s a new won? Why don’t you call the other side (obviously your side) anti-life?

“and in case, you wonder, yes a woman can be pro life and pro choice.”

There are only two sides to this coin, you are either pro-life or anti-life. The only possible option is that you really don’t care about the topic and just want to go on with your life. There is NO fence sitting. You cannot have it both ways.

Abortion is MURDER, plain and simple. You are terminating a human life. Rationalize your point all you want, but the FACT remains, you are killing another human being.

And, before you bring up the lamest point of “You have no right to tell a woman what she can do with her body.” Let me tell you that I don’t care about your body, I care about that human inside of your body that hasn’t had the chance to speak for his or herself.
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