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Re: Overstuffed penguin?
Posted by bagger of IL on 6/7/19 10:03am Msg #72535
Wow, you people are just sinking to new lows. Grasping at straw’s are we?
Trump did not pay taxes! Rachel Madcow proved otherwise.
Collusion? Nope, that didn’t work. So, let’s attack his sartorial splendor, shall we?
First, I really don’t think President Trump buys “Italian” ties. Prior to becoming the greatest President since Lincoln, he owned more than a real estate business. In fact, he owned a company that manufactures and sells men’s ties. Do you really think he buys his ties from Italy?
Second, there is absolutely no difference between an American tie and an Italian tie, except the country of origin. Italian ties do not require a “special knot”, in fact the Italian knot is just a different way of tying a tie.
It ends up with a very sloppy looking knot, and in business you would be ridiculed for tying your tie that way. The acceptable business knot is the double Windsor, and that is the knot Trump uses.
Now, to all you height challenged individual’s out there. Once you get over 6”2”, ties become a real problem. If you buy a tie off the shelf, tie a full Windsor knot that reaches your belt buckle, you end up with a short end of about 2” that has a tendency to stick out from under the long end. (you cannot tuck the short end into the little piece of fabric meant to keep the short end hidden.) So, your alternative is to buy a Big and Tall men’s tie, which will cost you about 50% more. But, now you have the opposite problem. If the two ends meet, they are below your belt buckle! So Trump is stuck with either the ties being below his belt, or having the back of the tie hanging longer than the front.
All in all, you shorties are very inconsiderate of us tall people, and are not tolerant to our tall problem. I think the liberals should pass some legislation protecting the feelings of us tall’s.
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