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Michael Cohen
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 2/28/19 12:32am Msg #72364
I watched some of his testimony today and was not surprised by the partisan questioning - the GOP members attacked him viciously while the Dems attempted to give his testimony some credence. None of that was unexpected.

What I found comical was that the GOP members attacked him for lying to Congress when we know that Trump has lied over 8000 times to the American people since his election. The difference is that Cohen lied under oath and Trump won't take an oath.

A lie is a lie, period. Whether you make it under oath or not doesn't change the fact that you lied. All that changes is the possibility that you might face legal consequences for it.

The solution is simple - put Trump under oath, see what he has to say, and compare that with the facts. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that the President cannot be called to testify before Congress under oath, nor is there anything that says he can be protected for lying to Congress.

This will never happen because the GOP is so in the tank for him that he can literally, as he famously said during the campaign, shoot someone on Fifth Ave in NYC and not lose a single vote

This is the guy you want as President?
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