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Re: Winning!
Posted by Howard Bleiwas of NY on 3/29/19 12:34pm Msg #72387
I think you'll find a number of lower number estimates that count SUBSCRIBERS (primary insured), not including dependents.

Let's assume you're right... OK.... 19 million lose their insurance.... Approximately 7% of the US population. Is that a good thing? Would it be a good thing, if it were your family affected?

BTW, who's "Winning!"?

When I first put on a uniform, I clearly understood, "If any of us (Americans) loses, we all lose." While the statement applied to inter-service rivalries and adherence to the Constitution, it should be equally applicable to civilians.

ACA/Obamacare is, by far, not an optimal law. However, replacing/revising ACA with something better would require discussion in good faith, something that is in short supply currently. It would also require compromise and a willingness, on all sides, to accept that the opposing party are not minions of Beelzebub.

(Democracy = A form of government in which everybody ends up equally unhappy. Nobody wins big, but nobody loses big, either; otherwise, a democracy cannot sustain).

FYI... I've been unfailingly Republican since I first voted.... for Ronald Reagan.

Originally, being Republican and/or Conservative stood for
* family values,
* integrity (of behavior and word),
* rule of law (respect for military, law enforcement agencies and the judiciary),
* fiscal conservatism (reducing the debt, not increasing),
* not interfering in free markets (e.g.: tariffs) unless those markets have clearly ceased to be free on their own, AND
* Constitutional adherence (respect for co-equal branches of government, avoiding EO's, proper appointments and, most importantly, loyalty to the nation and the office, not the individual).

Has being a Republican/Conservative changed while I wasn't looking?
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