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Re: Quote of the day!
Posted by bagger of IL on 3/29/19 12:34pm Msg #72388
"There are reports that Trump was livid when he found out what they were doing because it was exactly what he had accused Hilary of doing. Kushner is also known to have used an encrypted messaging app while working for the WH, which also violates national security policy. "

Reports? From where? By whom?
Same source as Schiffs "secret: info proving Trump colluded?
And what about your statement?
"If there's actual evidence of a crime she committed, she should be prosecuted for it. If not, leave the woman alone. So far, there is zero real evidence of anything, and God knows the GOP has looked for it. This re-litigation of the 2016 election is really getting old. Sore losers I can understand, but this is the first time I've ever seen sore winners."

Seems like a one-sided opinion there Mikey.
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