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Re: Clown car
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 4/20/19 11:00pm Msg #72421
"Really? Let’s see, they want a minimum wage and strict controls on business.
Sounds like government control on production to me."

We already have a minimum wage and have had one for years - are you not aware of that?

We also have had strict controls on business for years - have you not heard of the SEC?

None of that is new, and none of it is radical, unless you have a problem with someone making a living wage. Are you in favor of your children and grandchildren not making enough money to feed themselves? Whose fault would that be that?

"Head is firmly in place. Your hero, Karl Marx states that communism is the last step in moving from capitalism to socialism. "

How do you know that Karl Marx is my hero? You just keep making these insults up with no proof whatsoever that what you're sayting is true,

I think Adolph Hitler is YOUR hero and that you're a neo-Nazi - prove me wrong. Sieg Heil.

"Social security and Medicare. Great examples, neither of them will last. My children may not see either of them, my grandchildren certainly will not."

But meanwhile. you're taking advantage of both. Your grandchildren must be proud. And yes, both can be preserved if they're managed correcly, but you don't seem to care as long as you get yours.

"As for public libraries and roads, they are NOT socialistic programs. I refer you to Adam Smith. They are both “public goods”, and a capitalistic government can provide public goods. If they were socialistic, you could not own a book, or a road."

Oh. please - "public goods" are socialism - they are provided by the money collected thrugh taxation. Are you really that ignorant about how infrastructure is funded? Do you really believe that there are groups of capitalists who decide this stuff? If the roads or libraries were buillt by capitalists. you couldn't access either unless you paid for them. Pure capitalism doen't give anything away for free.
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