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Re: Democratic Socialist v. Socialist
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 4/25/19 7:38pm Msg #72431
"Well, in the first place we are not a democracy, we are a republic, so wouldn’t the correct term be republic socialism?"

I think that rather than "democratic socialist", the proper term would be "social democract", because "socialist" makes a lot pf people think "communist", and that's not at all what social democracy is. Socialism and communism both require an authortarian government, and that's not what democratic socialism is about at all. Yes, we're not a pure democracy - I don't think there has been one since the ancient Greeks - but we have democratic principles. We can also have socialist priniples, and those are to take care of everyone in the society.

I'm not a Social Democrat - I don't identify with any political party, although I do agree with some of their policy proposals. I can't buy into the "Green New Deal", primarily beause there's been very little discussion about how to fund it. I'm looking at the Democratic clown car and waiting to see who survives the primaries - I actively supported Beto in 2018 against Cruz, but while I thought he'd be a good Senator, I'm not sure he would be a good President and have been withhholding my support. I don't usually make my decisions based along party lines, but in this case I will vote against Trump.

"Other countries have tried it, and it still does not work."

One word - Norway. It works there, big time. You want to see the happiest place on earth? it's not Disneyland. Social democracy works in Sweden as well.

"Why should I come up with a better mousetrap, invest my time and money, only to relinquish my management to the worker bees who have risked nothing?"

I dunno - concern for your fellow man? You're a Christian, right? Have you read the biblical teachings of Jesus, the things he said about helping the poor and the disadvantaged? Have you read the first chapters of Acts, in which the lives of the early Christians are described? Read Acts 5 to learn the fate of a Christian follower who decided not to share what he had with the Christian community. THAT was socilasm on steroids.

I know you're not an evangelical - you're a Cstholic, and it may surprise you to know how many evangelicals don't consider Catholics to be Christians. I'm not questioning your Christianity, but it amazes me how so-called evangelicals can ignore the teachings in the Bible and turn their backs on the same people that Jesus told us we're supposed to help.

Jesus was a socialst - it's all there in the Christian Bible. How do we, as Christians, justify rejecting what he told us to do? At what point does "Do unto others" be replaced with "I got mine, so screw you"?

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