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Re: How sad it must be . . .
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 5/11/19 8:01pm Msg #72473
"OK, I'll call your bankrupt casino's.
But I raise the fact that today, he is estimated to be worth around 3 Billion."

Rich, he's not worth that much and has never been. That's HIS estimate of his net worth, based on nothing. It's a lie, and you're buying into it.

In his deposition in a lawsuit against author Timothy O'Brien, who he sued for writing a book that said his net worth was less than the $11B Trump claimed it to be at the time. Trump admitted that his net worth was based on his "feelings" rather than hard data (Trump lost that lawsuit).

Most optimistic estimates I've seen have put his ACTUAL net worth at somewhere around $500 million - still impressive, but not a billionaire. Do some Google research on the history of Trump and the Forbes 400 list - how he lied his way onto the iist to begin with, and why they've now removed him from the list completely. It's enlightening.

"Have you ever made a bad investment?"

Absolutely. Anyone who says they never have is a liar.

"Trump is in the high stakes room and down $2M, but comes back and is up $3B."

Never happened, except in his mind and possibly yours. Sorry, Rich, but the guy is a loser in business. Everything he touches dies. He has been selling himself as the ultimate winner, and you're buying it. He was never worth $3B in his life. He lost over a billion in ten years, and it wasn't even his money - it was money he owed to other people that he couldn't pay back. There's a reason he can't get a loan from a US bank, and that's because they think he's a dead-beat - he doent pay his debts and he doesn't pay the people who work for him. His response to a demand for payment has always been "Sue me!". He's bankrupted some of his vendors and put thousands of his employees out of wor - and he doesn't care, kAll of this is well documented by reliable sources- Google is your friend.

Do you REALLY think Trump gives a rat's butt about "Making America Great Again"? That was just a campaign slogan. He only cares about one thing - Donald Trump, and what America can do for him.
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