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Oh, where to begin?
Posted by bagger of IL on 5/31/19 2:24pm Msg #72520
Guess one point at a time.

“First of all, can you not understand that some people don't agree with your opinion? You're may have a strong opinion that abortion is murder, and I'll respect your opinion, but it's an opinion, not a fact.”

In strict legal terms, abortion is not murder, I will give you that. Murder is taking a human life illegally, and since abortion is legal right now, it is not “technically” murder from a legal standpoint. Morally, is where my position comes in, and where I firmly stand. If you disagree with that opinion, then I consider you immoral, and your opinion is irrelevant to me.

Now, as a parallel to this Mike, permit me to ask you something. You abhor Trump, simply because of the fact that he is Trump, and you constantly shout down and belittle his supporters. Can you not understand that MANY people do not agree with your opinion?

“Secondly, do you realize that organizations like Planned Parenthood offer much more health services to women other than abortions?”

Like what?
Do you realize that planned parenthood does not own even one mammograph device?
And, do you know where their locations are?
They are NOT in the lower class areas of urban cities. They are in upper class neighborhoods. From personal experience, I was in one of their locations. It was North of Chicago, and the eastern boundary of that city was Lake Michigan, hardly a lower class neighborhood. Since 2015, Planned Parenthood has lost more than a half million patients, while other federally funded organizations have seen a 2 million patient increase.
Planned parenthood is a FOR-PROFIT organization, catering to rich white women.
Let’s add to the fallacy of PP being a “healthcare facility.” The CEO has NO BACKGROUND in healthcare, her background in in politics! That should tell y9u something.

If you would like to delve further into the “personal experience” aspect of this, oh just try me, you being in IT would be amazed.

“The increased focus on birth control have reduced the number of abortions performed over the past few decades. I know that you are a Catholic, and as a former Catholic I know that birth control is not acceptable to the Church, but it's acceptable outside the Church. The world is not Catholic, and it is not subject to the teachigs of the Catholic Church. The rest of us Christains have a Bible that eliminates some of the books in the one you have that contains the "imprimatur" and the "nihil obstat", so it's safe to say we ignore whatever the Catholic Church "law" may be on most issues”

See the answer to number one, you have your opinion, I have mine. I choose to ignore yours. And, BTW ALL Christians trace their beginnings to the Catholic church. That makes Evangelicals a splinter group.

“Third, what about cases of rape and incest? Should the woman be forced to bring the baby to term and care for it? What about when the mother's life is in danger? Should she die so that the child (who may not even be viable) can live? And in line with that question, what happens after the birth of an unwanted child? Will you still advocate as fiercely for the health and welfare of the child, assist in adoption efforts, promote government efforts to support these unwanted children? Or do you just move on to the next pregnancy, congratulating yourself for preventing what you call "murder" but not caring what happens after that?”

I will not cut and paste, just refer you to:

“George Carlin used to do a bit where he said that Pro-Life people were really just Pro-Birth - after the birth, they don't care at all what happens to the baby. If you look at the cuts the Republicans have made to the social programs meant to aid children in poor families, his joke starts to ring true. Cut Medicaid, cut the CHIP program, cut the SNAP program... What they're basically saying is that a woman has no right to control her own body -we'll control what she can do with it, but once the baby is born she's on her own.”

Carlin was a comedian (one of my favorites!) I have three of his books.) But, he was a comedian. Selling his act. Nothing more, nothing less.

“I thought conservatives wanted less goverment interference in the private lives of its citizens. - why are you in favor of regulating a woman's reproductive system - probably the most invasive intereference a government can do? Just because your religion tells you so?”

And I thought liberals were the caring, helpful people. Why they don’t want kill the serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Charley Mansion, and on and on and on, because it’s inhumane! But we can MURDER a baby AFTER it’s born because it’s inconvenient to one of the people who created that human life.
But don't worry, while we discuss the future of this human life, IT will be comfortable!

I did not correct your typos.
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