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John S. McCain: RIP
Posted by HisHughness of TX on 5/31/19 7:18pm Msg #72522
One would have thought we had reached the absolute nadir of polarized obscenities in this country when aides to the president of the United States tried to remove the name of a war hero and POW from camera range when the president was in view. Or when crew members of the destroyer John S. McCain were turned away from the president's speech on another ship. Or when the president, weighing in on the matter, said such efforts were "well-intentioned."

But no, we still had greater depths to plumb. One would think that at least members of that hero's own political party would rise in unison and demand, "At long last, have you no sense of shame? Have you no sense of where you drag us?"

Yet all we have heard is a cowardly, chilling silence.

One man can be a hate-filled, yellow-spined narcissist. But a whole party?
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