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Re: John S. McCain: RIP
Posted by MikeC/TX of TX on 6/2/19 5:09pm Msg #72524
There are photos of the ship with the name covered by a tarp. There are emails detailing the ways that other ships should be moved to obscure the destroyer. There is an admission from the Navy that SOMEONE at the WH told them to obscure the ship during Trump's visit. What more do you need?

Other than the fact that almost everything he says is a lie, I have no reason to believe that Trump actually didn't know about it in advance. It was probably some WH staffer who thought it would be a good idea to hide it from Trump. Probably. The Navy has since confirmed that the request was made.

As to the crew not being in "appropriate attire" - if they were in uniform, they would have had a tag or flash or whatever it's called attached to their uniform identifying which ship they served on. Would that be "appropriate attire" when the Navy was instructed to hide the ship?

The really bizarre part is that the ship was not even named for Senator McCain - it was named for his grandfather, an admiral who was also John S. McCain. The pettiness of this administration can be unbelievable at times. Some staffer decided it was appropriate to hide a US Navy destroyer from POTUS because the name might upset him.
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