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Re: Just more anti-Trump spin and lies.
Posted by bagger of IL on 6/24/19 4:58pm Msg #72561
“OK, so Iran shot down one of our dromes. Trump threatened to retaliate and an attack was planned for last night but was called off at the last minute.”

Do you really think our military works that way? Totally reactive? Sorry to burst your anti-Trump bubble, but the fact is, our military has plans A,B,C,D and E for almost any situation that puts our country at risk. I can almost guarantee that units were put on standby, and even mobilized well before Trump was made known of the situation.
When Trump was made known of the situation, that’s when the hard decisions were made.
Trump does NOT make the decision to mobilize, he can however make that final decision to attack.
How long do you think it takes to get the101st Airborne from their multiple bases in the States to Iran? Last time I checked, we did not have any bases in Iran. Troops and equipment stand ready constantly, and are mobilized well before the final decision is made. It’s get going, orders to follow. Except of course if Obama and Clinton are in charge. Then when American lives are truly at stake, the orders are “Stand down.”

“Personally, I think this was just another Trump special - create a crisis, and then claim to have resolved the crisis you've created.”

So you think Trump arranged to have a $20 million drone to be shot down? This drone was not your Wally World toy, this was a $20 million piece of equipment.
And, I might add, this crisis has not been resolved.
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