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Re: The 2020 Census
Posted by bagger of IL on 7/3/19 8:19am Msg #72586
I do realize that this will fall on deaf ears from the two leading socialistic, anti-trump fools here, but here goes.

The death of these two has absolutely nothing to do with Trump and the entire current administration. Our immigration laws have been in place way before Donald took office.

The blame lies entirely on the father!

If he wanted to claim asylum, he could have applied for it in El Salvador.
Once he crossed the border, he could have applied in Guatemala, and then again in Mexico.
But no, he continued to take his 3 year old daughter on a trek that proved fatal to both of them.

They died in MEXICO, not in the US.

Tell me would you take your 3 year old to visit friends anywhere, knowing that there door is going to be closed when you get there?

Itís not the US or Trumpís fault. Fault lies entirely on the father, and/or the cartels he paid.
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