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Re: Ivanka
Posted by LisaKT/CA of CA on 7/7/19 6:38pm Msg #72615
I agree that being narcissistic, annoying, opportunistic, unprincipled, and a lightweight makes one worth excoriating but I vehemently disagree that a mother raising her own kids (instead of hired help) is some outmoded gender stereotype. Mommies are not expendable. Hired help is for those that have to....not those that believe they have better things to do.

Years ago, my mom and I were talking about old times and somehow we got to the subject of me when I was a 5 month old and the baby sitter who was a neighbor - an older woman that lived in the same apartment complex. She told me how she went to pick me up from the neighbor and I was slitting in the stroller, slumped over asleep with a snotted, crusted nose. The old woman told my mom that she “spanked me really good” - I cannot remember what my mom said the reason was - but suffice it to say I was mortified to hear this. Who spanks a 5 month old?? My mom told me she instantly quit her job and didn’t go back to work until I started school.

I was a SAHM until my sons were teens. Our living room furniture, including the lamps and tables (good condition) were given to us by his mother. She bought all new stuff. We lived in an apartment and shared one car in the early years. This October, hubby and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage.

Ivanka was wealthy before she married her billionaire husband. I bet she barely sees those kids. There’s NO replacement for momma when the kids are young and that’s NEVER outdated or a stereotype. I disrespect Ivanka for robbing those kids of motherly nurturing, influence, and protection in pursuit of....who knows what. She’s out of her league and has NO place in the arenas she’s intruding in. She’s a deadbeat!
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