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Re: PS
Posted by LisaKT/CA of CA on 7/8/19 4:50pm Msg #72632
<<<Wanna explain how my travels affected my children?>>>

Evidently, you didn't read where I wrote: Ivanka's husband is a deadbeat IF he was an absentee father....Apparently you skipped over the word *IF*. I commented specifically in answer to Hugh's question. Notice before that, I only addressed the OP, not even Ivanka's husband until ASKED about him. I also stated that there are situations where a mom cannot be a SAHM fulltime so if mom cannot be present full time, it stands to reason that dad cannot be there full time either. Did you not read that? You didn't read my disclaimer either - just got resentful when YOU applied your family situation into my view point. Your resentfulness is on YOU....YOU did that, not me. I knew nothing about your life. As I shared, my mom worked during my school age years - I turned out just fine, drug free, crime free, and many children do.

GEEZ....comprehension is not your strong suit. Therefore, don't bother replying to my posts and you don't bother to read and comprehend what I write, taking offense to what I never accuse YOU of. I waste a lot of my valuable time having to remind you of what I NEVER said and/or NEVER inferred.
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