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Re: The 2020 Census
Posted by bagger of IL on 7/15/19 10:27am Msg #72663
"The census is not about WHO you are, it's about WHERE you are. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that suggests that citizenship is an issue - it's literally just a body count. Why do we need to know who is a citizen and who is not? That was never a consideration."

Why is the census taken?
It's sole purpose is to draw congressional boundaries, in order to determine votes in elections, and the number of electoral votes each state has.
Now, if California, New York, Florida, Illinois, and et al have a disproportionate number of illegals, does that sway the electoral college?
Of course it does.
Since the Dums have lost two elections in recent history due to the electoral college, it would behoove them to count the illegals, yes?
So, Alabama loses an electoral vote and Califoniamex picks up 4 votes. Illinois and New York pick up 3 votes.
Could this just possibly be the left's agenda?
The truth.
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