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Small gatherings.
Posted by NVLSlady/VA of VA on 7/29/20 9:30am Msg #32176
Wow. A real wake-up call.

Picture: "You donít want to see a loved one ... hooked up on life support. See their body just laying there."

It may take such a visual to make an impact on behaviors. Being banished from loved ones is Difficult. Just necessary right now.

Took an unfamiliar route home and was intending on "driving through" a McDonald's for fries while out doing a couple of errands; and this particular restaurant didn't have one! Who knew? So I parked and went inside the little place. Very clean and mostly empty. At least food was Made to Order (so not exactly fast food). Told employee I didn't think I'd ever seen one without a drive in (like kids and DVD players!).

Anywaaay . . . as I'm sitting in the car savoring my fat-saturated fries (nobody does 'em like McD), across the street is a homemade ice cream shop where a small group of patrons are standing. There were even a couple of cops taking advantage of the creamy venue (it was a hot Mon evening for sure). I hardly saw anyone wearing a mask, which one can't really do while combing a cone with his tongue. It was an interesting sight. Nostalgic and not too alarming. Calming. Just probably some family and locals gathering around an ice cream parlor. Potentially deadly.

My roommate held a small gathering with 3 or 4 of her coworkers in the backyard. Everyone is working from home. Also she doesn't go out at all. But there can't be anymore of that - not right now. And not while I'm here. I'll share this with her.

As shooterclay correctly points out, No way to know who others in your company have Interacted With.

Summer question: How MANY backyards have you been in??! Too personal? Well . . .

I like the line the man said: "Itís not real until it becomes Personal."
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