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Thomas Jefferson's Ice cream recipe looks more like Custard
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 7/8/20 6:19pm Msg #32098
2 bottles of good cream
6 yolks of eggs
1/2 lb. sugar

Mix the yolks & sugar; put the cream on a fire in a casserole, first putting in a stick of Vanilla. When near boiling take it off & pour it gently into the mixture of eggs & sugar. Stir it well. Put it on the fire again stirring it thoroughly with a spoon. When near boiling take it off and strain it thro’ a towel. Put it in the Sabottiere [the canister within an ice pail] then set it in ice an hour before it is to be served. Put into the ice a handful of salt. Put salt on the coverlid of the Sabottiere & cover the whole with ice. Leave it still half a quarter of an hour.

Turn the Sabottiere in the ice 10 minutes; open it from time to time to detach the ice from the sides. Stir it well with the Spatula. Put it in moulds, justling it well down on the knee; then put the mould into the same bucket of ice. Leave it there to the moment of serving it.
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 Thomas Jefferson's Ice cream recipe looks more like Custard - Luckydog on 7/8/20 6:19pm
 love old recipes.....thanks for sharing..... n/m - notarydi/CA on 7/9/20 1:57pm
 Thanks. It's interesting & is definitely custard. They -  MW/VA on 7/9/20 6:59pm
 Re: Thanks. It - Luckydog on 7/9/20 7:48pm
 We have a co. here, Kohr's Custard, that's been around for -  MW/VA on 7/10/20 3:05pm

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