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Ranitidine ...
Posted by  Yoli/CA of CA on 7/12/20 1:34pm Msg #32107
A neighbor of mine has a really bad stomach ulcer and has been on Ranitidine for quite a while. Her foods were greatly restricted. Well, recently, her doctor advised her that Ranitidine has been recalled and he would no longer prescribe it.

She was recently telling me she decided to try probiotics. Well ... she's never felt better in her life! She's able to eat everything so far without any issues. That afternoon we were talking she was having a pepperoni pizza and the evening before, she had eaten some spicy peppers. No problem. She was going to try onion next.

She had previously tried aloe vera juice. No help. Then she tried CBD oil. Again, no change. Priobiotics is the magic potion for her!

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