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Re: Ranitidine ...
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 7/14/20 1:38pm Msg #32113
Probiotics are wonderful! I take the 50 billion 16 strain whenever I feel run down or like I am going to catch something, snaps me back into healthiness.
The Omprozole is my life savor though when you get acid reflux, especially in the middle of the night when it burns your throat to the point of swelling up and losing your voice. It is the most painful thing ever when it happens.
I have an ulcer and also a weak stomach flap so I have to try and keep stomach acid at bay. I only take it a few days then off again, or when I feel heartburn kicking up. My Gastroentrogist proscribed the 40 mg, so I feel the 20mg is fine and keeps it in check.
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