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RIP Naya Rivera who drowned in a local recreational area
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott of CA on 7/15/20 8:08am Msg #32120
this past weekend before she saved her 4yo son. She died so young, 30s with a promising career. Saving her son was her last heroic deed.

It's a small world. Lake Piru is not far from where I grew up in Ojai in the 50s-60s. We never went to Lake Piru since it is a very dangerous boating lake. We always went to Lake Casitas for fishing, camping and boating. There is no swimming at this lake, as it is too big to safely monitor and it is the water supply for the Ojai Valley and Ventura.

During the search and rescue efforts to locate Naya, sheriff's diving team discovered the human skulls of at least 10 persons in this one little cove where Naya was found. It is thought this may resolve the missing person list of gang members over the years.

A scholarship fund has been set up for Josey, Naya's 4yo son, who will now be raised by her immediate family.
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 RIP Naya Rivera who drowned in a local recreational area -  Cheryl Elliott on 7/15/20 8:08am
 This is so sad! She managed to save her child! That's a -  MW/VA on 7/15/20 3:10pm
 Re: RIP Naya Rivera who drowned in a local recreational area -  Barbara___IL on 7/17/20 8:53am

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