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Re: One word answers your question... "Fear"
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 7/25/20 12:17pm Msg #32154
If this wasn't an election year, the "fear" wouldn't be as strong. It's not a win/win. We cannot shut down any longer and we can't keep spreading the virus either.
People are homeless, foodless, children missing school, forclosures are starting up, evictions are moving forward, and nobody has any plans or direction and then you have some just living life and being morons not taking any precautions creating a scene for attention to look like a jackass on the news.

We are a country of "haves and the have nots' and nothing in between. It's not divided by rich or poor, black or white, but if you have a job or jobless with no income or making money right now.
Supporting indefinitely without a plan is not the answer either, and opens the door for more fraud and weakens us. If we have a plan, only 1/2 follow we have a problem in a country of freedoms.

All these riots, rallies have done way more harm than good.
People need to pick and chose their battles and just too much going on at once right now, and nothing is done or accomplished. In a crisis, the USA always comes together and unites, but not this time.

So, the way I see our future is the strongest survive, herd mentality, and let it go, as that's what seems to be happening anyway.
If the hot spots states such as CA, FL, TX and alike were on 100% lockdown planned out for 2 weeks, I believe it would turn around. That means to give everyone time to buy food, meds and that's it. Total shut down, including all essential workers except medical and police.
No gas, no groceries, no food, no drug stores open, no banks and notaries, we are locked down. After the 2 weeks pick up where you left off. I know that would never work, so we just do like we are, but th only thing I can think of the flatten the curve again.
Take care of yourself, wear a mask, wash your hands, and the others refuse, it's on them. Until we get a vaccine, not seeing any progress one way or another. We have a choice on what we as an individual want to do, so exercise it and be safe.

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