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Re: Wear. A. Mask. And practice social distancing
Posted by  JanetK_CA of CA on 7/30/20 4:17pm Msg #32186
I was thinking about this last night on my way to and from a seller signing in a complex of town homes. I passed a number of groups of people sitting outside and socializing, not wearing masks. I guess it's human nature to feel safe with people we know well. That's where it's all too easy to let down our defenses and relax, which many naturally feel a need for these days, especially after a drink or a few...

So reminders like this are very useful. I think the most tragic situations are those where people lose someone closest to them - and possibly because of their own minor slip up, or relaxing of usual precautions... I have a few family members who I'm sending this to!

BTW, on a completely unrelated note, as I was walking back to my car after that last appointment at the town home last night, my bluetooth device suddenly activated, saying "device disconnected". I immediately reached for the pocket where my phone always goes and it wasn't there or anywhere else, and I knew I'd had it at the table. So I turned right around, went back to their front porch where we signed and found it laying on the base of one of those mobile basketball hoops. Both are black, so it was difficut to see. It must have fallen out of my purse when I picked it up. They'd already turned out the light, so it was pretty dark. Thank goodness for my bluetooth ear piece!! I might not have noticed until I got home - or even later. Whew!
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