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Notary Public in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Welcome to the notary public and signing agent listing for Tulsa, Oklahoma, where you can find a qualified notary to assist with a loan signing or any other notarization allowed by law. Notary public profiles in this archive were current as of 12/31/2013.
Notary Public in Tulsa, OK
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County list: according to our records, Tulsa is in or near the following county(ies):
Tulsa, Creek, Okmulgee, Osage, Pawnee, Rogers, Wagoner, Washington
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The KanDo Organization LLC - Notary

Search in ZIP Code: 74147

Available during the day, evenings, HOLIDAYS and weekends, KanDo Mobile Notary has been in business since 2004. I hold a CPS certification and am a freelance Legal Assistant specializing in real estate and estate planning. I am a current member of American Association of Notaries, American Society of Notaries, NotaryCafe, Notary Rotary and other notary associations.  I carry $100,000 E&O, am bonded, certified and background checked. As an independent contractor, I provide a confirmation of the fees agreed to along with my terms for performing services.

Based in the City of Tulsa, I serve the NorthEast corner of Oklahoma from I-35 to I-40 to the north and east borders, including:

  • Tulsa,
  • Creek,
  • Wagoner,
  • Rogers,
  • Washington,
  • Osage,
  • Okmulgee, and
  • Muskogee counties for a negotiable travel fee to cover time and expenses.

Examples of documents which may require the services of a Notary Public are:

  • real property loans and other conveyance forms,
  • settlement agreements,
  • Estate Planning documents such as Powers of Attorney, Wills and Trusts,
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements or Divorce paperwork,
  • Adoption forms, parental permissions,
  • vehicle titles, and
  • affidavits from doctors and other recordkeepers. 

Additionally, I assist with verification of identity and swearing in for telephonic depositions.

Regular business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., M-F. Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, with after hours by appointment only.

Part of The KanDo Organization.  Call 918-798-8908.

 This profile was last updated on 12/28/2013 7:26:00 PM.
 Has Laser Printer: Yes
Recent Notary Talk Threads Authored by this Notary:
I-9 comment
Posted by ikando at 11/16/2013 6:36:00 PM
I know that many notaries refuse to even discuss I-9 verification forms, but I have questions.

I have read the pamphlet provided by the USCIS to employers of remote employees. It comments that the verification can be done by the employer, an agent of the employer or a notary public. In my experience, most companies tell their employee to have a notary public "stamp" that verification form.

Yesterday I had a discussion with staff of the employer and tried mightily to explain that they are asking me to notarize my own signature, something I'm not legally allowed to do. Because they could only repeat the instructions that they had been given, they couldn't understand what I was saying. So I chose to use the jurat stamp I had (because the verbiage states under penalty of perjury), completing it with the employee's name. I then signed as the company agent and notarized the employee's signature. (Haven't heard back from the employer whether they accepted that. If payment doesn't come, that will be my answer.)

So my two questions are, what do you think of my solution? And what can we do to get the government to revise the pamphlet and/or get employers of remote employees to not ask a notary to stamp the verification, effectively notarizing our own signatures? And I guess a third question is, how can we get fellow notaries to understand what they are being asked to do?
I'm on Linked-In, and so is XYZ
Posted by ikando at 11/5/2013 2:29:00 PM
Within the last four days, in addition to the press releases they've been distributing, they've also signed up to all the notary forums that I'm on in Linked-In. When one considers that Google uses all that for ranking, it's obvious their marketing is expanding. Although nothing is set as yet, it's only a matter of time before it is considered the absolute by those who only read the headlines and don't dig further.
Potential Virus warning
Posted by ikando at 11/1/2013 12:57:00 PM
I am a follower of Kim Komando, who often has good information to help us protect our computers. On October 28 she posted information about the CryptoLocker ransomware. She posts:

"This is important. If you get CryptoLocker, disconnect from your wired or wireless network immediately or else other systems on the network will become infected too."

Then she references how it may get to your computer--emails purported to be from Fed-X, UPS or DHL. Here is a link to that article.

Hope none of us gets infected.
BGC requests this week
Posted by ikando at 10/28/2013 5:37:00 PM
I've been in this business since 2004. I have a few companies with which I've worked over that time, who continue to meet my fees.

I lead with that because the past week has been ridiculous. I've received email and phone call requests to send BGC and Fidelity authorizations from companies I haven't heard from to offer me work since the end of 2012, as well as a couple of those who chose not to accept my rate to close for them.

I guess because I'm in the system, I'll continue to get these unsolicited requests to provide information that may impact my privacy. I responded to one company that I would be happy to provide the BGC upon my acceptance to perform work. The response was, "We can't offer it unless we have your information on file." And the dog continues to chase its tail.

I'm to the point where I want to send a form requesting they provide me with their EIN, BGC, full employee roster and all addresses before I can accept their offers for me to work for them.
Another point of view
Posted by ikando at 10/21/2013 3:22:00 PM
Sorry Hugh and others who are tired of the XYZ discussions, but I have another point of view.

Seems to me, beyond the anti-trust law perspective, and even beyond the fact that more and more lenders/TCs are requiring XYZ-only NSAs, is the fact that a PRIVATE BUSINESS is becoming the defacto sole conduit for services.

Every time a company locksteps behind the XYZ requirements for service providers, that company is promoting an entity that really does not represent a very large portion of the Notary Signing Agent population. But because those companies mandate that in order to offer them our services, we MUST belong to and buy our certification/BGC ONLY from that business, they are pushing other viable options for service to their clients away from the table. And that may ultimately cost everybody.

At some point, something's gotta give, but the weight at this time appears to be in XYZs favor so that a private business is monopolizing the providing of a service. Seems like AT&T did that at one point. In the meantime, the lending/title companies should have to bear the consequences of going to a single option business provider. And many NSAs will move on to more lucrative, income-producing options.
An interesting post on Linked-In
Posted by ikando at 10/21/2013 2:53:00 PM
A company looking for Loan Officers who have been laid off.
Professional Settlement Services latest
Posted by ikando at 10/2/2013 6:29:00 PM
method of contact is robo calling with a "press #" for list of options.

I've ignored their mass emails for quite some time as their fees are below my minimum. Sometimes I'd wade through the online links if I'm not too busy, because I may want to handle a job that's close to me.

But now to be inconvenienced by answering the phone to hear the computer state "We have a closing, are you available?" and to have to spend my time punching numbers to try to find out anything is getting ridiculous. I know they're trying to save money and be efficient, but with that efficiency should come higher payments to the human being who is handling the documents that get them the money to pay for the computer program. Yet they still only offered a very low fee.
Something to compare our fees to
Posted by ikando at 9/24/2013 6:39:00 PM
Here's a site for a new service in the area. Apparently taxi drivers are upset by the service. But I think, for us, it's interesting for price comparison purposes.

This service is paying people to be on-call to drive people around at $35/hour. Now, if we were to compare that to what we're being offered to drive paperwork around, how would our fees look?
From another freelancer's blog
Posted by ikando at 9/23/2013 3:35:00 PM
Although we are NSAs, we're also freelancer/entrepreneurs. Here is a blog post that addresses some of the non-pay or late pay issues posted on this forum. Some insights are very valuable. Check it out.

By the way, this writer is a voice-over professional--something you don't hear about too often.!
Could this impact our future?
Posted by ikando at 9/14/2013 1:00:00 PM
Found this on a site I monitor.

One quote of note:
“This year’s study suggests that the more shared problematic economic indicators a state has, the greater its financial challenges will be in the coming years,” said Tom Brown, Senior Vice President, Financial Services, LexisNexis. “With Consumer Financial Protection Bureau mortgage regulations going into effect in January 2014, and demanding new rules for quality loans, it will be interesting to see what impact this has on overall mortgage defaults.”
To be considered before picking up to read that text msg
Posted by ikando at 9/12/2013 2:57:00 PM
I pulled this from the ActiveRain forum. It was written by a Connecticut Realtor, but could have been one of us. Especially read the last sentence.

What If I Answered the Phone Call?

It was my usual morning routine. The rush of adrenaline pumped into the bloodstream with a cup of coffee. I grabbed the leash from the side table and hooked it into the overly anxious doberman's collar waiting by the door.

The car key on one hand, and dog leash on the other. Seat belt strapped and I-phone sat on the cup holder. The dog stayed on the back seat.

My car backed out of the driveway then headed towards the nearest park for our morning walk.

Half way down our destination, the phone rang while the car moved up after halting from a four-way stop sign.

I had this chronic habit of grabbing the phone from the cupholder to check the number displayed whenever it rang.

But on that moment, I did not pay attention nor looked down.

If I did, this is what could have happened: A girl riding a bike could have been hit. There would be no singular effect for a singular cause. The effect may be a string of unwanted and unwelcome events: injury, spiked insurance premiums, cost of car repair, broken schedules and appointments, police record, litigation, emotional havoc, etc.

When the car braked for a full stop, her frightened face pierced through the glass window.

Where on earth did she come from? My eyes moved 90 degrees to check both sides. I thought it was clear.

But if on that very moment, I picked up the phone when it rang while the car inched its way forward, my life today could have taken a different course.

Yesterday's incident was a wake-up call. It likened the glaring rays of sun at it's peak smacked on my face.

What opportunity call could give me back the life that used to be if on that one instant, I did not do what I did?

- See more at:
From a business coach's perspective
Posted by ikando at 9/9/2013 1:02:00 PM
Found this blog post that might be of value, especially to new business owners.
Thoughts re docs to borrower
Posted by ikando at 8/18/2013 11:06:00 AM
An earlier post spoke of docs overnight delivered to BO. Several issues were mentioned, but not what came to my mind first. The Bottom Line of the hiring party. If the docs are provided to BO, then the skillset of a NSA is not as critical, or so they think, thus only requiring "a notary". Fees weren't mentioned, but I'd guess less was offered since there was no printing.

This is the reason I calculate my hourly rate in my fees, based on my experience since 2004. If I get correct info on the job, I can estimate what's involved. Expenses are fluid, but my time & knowledge are a value to be paid.
Here's an interesting perspective--The Blink Factor
Posted by ikando at 8/14/2013 11:07:00 AM
Found this on a marketing website, but could easily be applied to NSA work. Not to denigrate in any way those newbies who have other background skills. Consider this as a generic tale about experience having a value worth a higher fee.

Imagine for a second that you are a 16-year-old boy, just starting his junior year in high school, in bad need of a hair cut…

He does not want to look like a dork, but has NO CLUE how to explain the cut he wants to the hair dresser. (Most teenage boys don’t know how to talk hair at all.)

All that he knows is that he wants to look OK, fit in and not be made fun of at school.

So, this kid goes to a hairdresser with about 20 years of experience. Her name is known around town as being the best.

The kid sits down in the chair. He mumbles something or another about his hair.

The hairdresser says “Don’t worry. I know exactly what to do.”

You want this, you want that, shorter here, longer here, a little off the sides but keep the top…


What does the kid wind up with?

The perfect cut. He is happy. He does not look like a dork.

So the kid tells his mother, “wow, she took one look at me and knew exactly what to do!”

Exactly. That is the blink factor in action.

People with vast experience in their fields – they develop a skill set that rises far above their competitors.

So, would you rather get your hair cut by someone with the blink factor?

Or a newbie hoping she does not mess up your hair?
First time ever to turn one back
Posted by ikando at 7/16/2013 5:42:00 PM
Last Thursday, I was hired by a good paying, professional SS to do a closing on Monday. After negotiation for travel, we agreed on an appropriate fee. All good, yes?

So Monday comes, and even though I had sent a message that because of the travel I would need the docs at least 3 hours prior to the signing time, none came. At 2 hours prior, I contact the SS who states they will check on docs. At 1 hour prior (the entire time I needed for travel), I still have no docs, so at 30 minutes to, I send an email cancelling my contract.

I had been speaking to the borrower over the entire delay, and after sending that email, I called to let him know that perhaps another notary would be contacting him for closing that evening. Almost immediately after I hang up, I get a call that the SS has the docs. I had to explain that I did not have time that evening, and still had to cancel.

I feel badly, but I can't be in multiple places at once.
Guidance from SBA re setting & negotiating fees
Posted by ikando at 7/10/2013 8:25:00 PM
Although this relates to businesses that bid on jobs rather than something like ours where we are subjected to the pricing set by someone else, it has information that all of us should consider when we are determining if we will accept a job.
What to wear-the eternal question
Posted by ikando at 7/10/2013 7:48:00 PM
I found this post on Linked-in by a man who is a CEO and venture capitalist.

I just received an invite to a special event and at the bottom in bold letters was the announcement: Attire: Business casual.

Business casual, that used to be easy for me. It meant a blue blazer, khaki pants and a blue shirt. Noooo problem.

Even though most events are business casual, my definition of it is no longer automatic. I showed up at an event at a startup company with my usual business casual on and everyone looked at me like I was the crazy college professor. Everyone else was wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt.

I think we need new categories that outline a little more than just plain business casual. More specific categories would take all the guessing out of what to wear. Here are a few suggestions that I would like to see at the bottom of an invitation:

Dress like Steve Jobs – Blue jeans, mock black turtleneck and hip eyeglasses. Works in most places.
Dress as if you are going to the gym – Sweatpants, hoodie and cool Nike shoes. Good with very early stage start-ups.
Business attire – Sometimes business casual really means business attire which still means wearing a tie and wingtips. Good at banks and oil companies.
Dress like you are meeting Ralph Lauren for lunch – Wear the best clothes you have (no polyester) and no tie.
Dress like you are a game developer – Wear a T-shirt with an old Atari logo, ripped out jeans and Converse hi-tops.
Dress like you are not sure of the definition of business casual – Khaki pants and a golf shirt will be the default outfit.

All of the above can be categorized as business casual depending on where you are and who you work with. New York City dress is different than Silicon Valley dress. Bottom line is to know where you are going and wear what makes you feel comfortable, whatever that might be.

Even in a crowd of “business casuals” what you wear will make you either stand out or blend in. You can make the choice. In the meantime, I will hold onto my khakis but keep the blazer in the trunk of the car, just in case.

For women business casual is even more difficult. Comments on that one are certainly welcome.
Posted by:Richard A. Moran

Conclusion: Dressing style is not universal. What works in NYC doesn't so much in Dallas, and one should dress appropriately for the area. "Bottom line is to know where you are going and wear what makes you feel comfortable, whatever that might be."
Red Skelton, comedian and statesman on the Pledge
Posted by ikando at 7/4/2013 10:35:00 AM
of Allegiance.

I find this moving. How about you?
Here's another thing to keep an eye on
Posted by ikando at 7/1/2013 5:21:00 PM
Non-bank mortgage servicing companies, like Green Tree, Ocwen and Nationstar. Here's an article I found of interest.

Leslie Chicklinski LC PandC LLC

Search in ZIP Code: 74136

I am NNA certified and background screened notary signing agent. I have been running a profitable large volume multi-lender closing company since 2002. I recently moved back to Tulsa (my hometown) from Orlando, Florida with my family. I service Tulsa County, and will travel to Creek, Rodgers, Okmulgee, Wagoner and Osage counties. I also carry $100,000 in E and O insurance. I am available 24/7, if you get in a jam call me! Have a great day!!

 This profile was last updated on 12/15/2013 12:13:00 PM.
 24 Hr Service: Yes
 Has Laser Printer: Yes
 Home Inspections: Yes

Karen Hughes

Search in ZIP Code: 74135

I am a certified, professional and reliable Notary Signing Agent; detail oriented and experienced in all types of real estate loans. I have been a notary for over 30 years and follow all laws pertaining to notaries and signing agents. Tulsa County, Oklahoma is my main coverage area but am available to travel anywhere in the state of Oklahoma for additional compensation. Last-minute assignments are welcome. You will not be disappointed.

 This profile was last updated on 8/24/2013 9:43:00 PM.
 Has Laser Printer: Yes
Recent Notary Talk Threads Authored by this Notary:
Scanner suggestions?
Posted by Karen/OK at 7/2/2013 12:07:00 PM
I used my hp Scanjet 2200c for many years and loved it. I recently purchased a new computer that is not compatible with it. So, I am looking for a stand alone, flat scanner and am having a tough time finding one. Any suggestions?

Eryn Strapac

Search in ZIP Code: 74119

I am an NNA certified and background screened Notary Signing Agent with 7 years experience. I have closed over one thousand loans. I am bonded and carry $25,000 in E and O insurance. I am available 24/7. I serve the following counties in Oklahoma: Tulsa, Creek, Osage, Rogers, Washington, Muskogee, Okmulgee and Wagoner. Please give me a call, I'd be happy to work for you!

 This profile was last updated on 12/2/2013 11:58:00 AM.
 24 Hr Service: Yes
 Has Laser Printer: Yes

Phyllis Moore Advantage Notary Services

Search in ZIP Code: 74106

Certified Notary Signing Agent; ******************************************************* HOURS OF AVAILABILITY: Monday: 8:00am-5:00pm;**** Tuesday: 8:00am-8:00pm;**** Wednesday: 8:00am-5:00pm;**** Thursday: 8:00am-8:00pm;**** Friday: 6:00pm-8:00pm;**** Saturday: 8:00am-8:00pm**** All of my services are provided by appointment only. I serve the entire north-eastern segment of Oklahoma. And will consider other areas. Call me for a consultation. Home County: Tulsa;**** Other counties served: Osage, Pawnee, Payne, Creek, Okmulgee, Muskogee, Mayes, Nowata, Rogers, Washington, Wagoner, Delaware, Craig, Cherokee
 This profile was last updated on 12/30/2013 5:35:00 PM.
 Has Laser Printer: Yes
 Home Inspections: Yes

Tulsa Mobile Notary - Tulsa, OK Division

Search in ZIP Code: 74134

I am a certified Notary Signing Agent. Graduated from Notary2Pro training with Carol Ray. Criminal background check has been completed, Bonded, $25,000 E & O. Hours 10A to 8P Mon to Sat. Member of National Notary Assoc. Mortgage Loan Documents FHA /HUD Loan Refinancing Home Purchase Reverse Mortgage Property Tax Lien Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Legal Documents Estate Planning Documents - Power of Attorney/Wills Pre-Nuptial Agreement/Divorce/Settlement Agreement Relinquishment of Parental Rights
 This profile was last updated on 11/10/2013 12:01:00 PM.
 24 Hr Service: Yes
 Has Laser Printer: Yes

Kristi Cooper CSA

Search in ZIP Code: 74115

Certified Signing Agent, Certified Background Checked. I provide twenty-four hour mobile notary service 7 days a week to individuals, title companies and Attorney's. I have over 3 years banking experience closing all types of loans: first and second mortgages, open-ended credit lines, fixed equity HELOCS, RESPA, FHA’s, balloon mortgages, reverse mortgages, purchases (first and second home/investment properties), construction loans, rental properties, time-stares, small business loans, auto loans and leases, and interest-only loans. I also do Annuities, structured settlements, debt consolidation, trusts, wills, auto titles, power of attorney forms, quick claim deeds, adoption and custody documents, immigration forms, witness requirements, affidavits and dossiers and other documents that may need to be notarized. I service 7 counties in Oklahoma: Tulsa, Washington, Osage, Rogers, Wagoner, Creek and Okmulgee. Fees are negotiable. Background screened and 25,000.00 E&O insurance, certified.
 This profile was last updated on 12/20/2013 9:16:00 PM.
 24 Hr Service: Yes
 Has Laser Printer: Yes
 Home Inspections: Yes

Donald Vermillon

Search in ZIP Code: 74135

Having been a successful business owner for over 25 years, I have the experience needed to provide the highest standard in customer care. In Attorney office Living Wills service now offered in Tulsa Oklahoma
 This profile was last updated on 9/30/2013 4:05:00 PM.
 24 Hr Service: Yes
 Has Laser Printer: Yes
 Home Inspections: Yes

Mericle - Thom

Search in ZIP Code: 74133

I will attend the closing as your employee with a Professional apperarance. I have experience with closing/notary instructions, Reverse Mortgages, FHA, Bond money, first and second mortgages, HELOC's and all aspects of residental mortgage documents. Please Schedule anytime, any day, and last minute is OK. National Notary Association certified and background-screened Notary Signing Agent.
 This profile was last updated on 10/31/2013 10:52:00 AM.
 24 Hr Service: Yes
 Does Fingerprinting: Yes
 Has Laser Printer: Yes
 Home Inspections: Yes

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