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Posted by DESIREEROMAN on 7/7/05 10:54pm
Msg #50470


I purchased a lifetime listing on in 2003. This month, I received an email asking for me to upgrade my listing or it would be removed. I told them I purchased a lifetime membership, and received the following explanation as to why my listing would be removed if I didn't "upgrade":

"We no longer offer Lifetime Listings for $14.95. Those were prices you paid in 2003 --TWO YEARS AGO. Lifetime means the lifetime of the program. 50 State Notary's website has grown considerably since then and you cannot expect to recieve a ride forever on only $14.95.

You need to upgrade or your listing will be removed. Future prices will put lifetime listings at $525.00 so you have the ability now to save money now. If you are recieving work from the Notary Directory you should be happy to upgrade. If you are not, let me know and I will remove you immediately so you receive no future email notices."

I then argued that a lifetime listing purchase should be just that - as long as the website is up, my listing should be there. Seems like Ms. Ring isn't exactly sure of what she's doing, as she then quoted me all these other prices in her next communication:

"When the price is increased to $249.00 per year, you may be able to realize the opportunity I have extended to you.

Bottom line -- your listing has been removed! Any previous policies that were in effect in 2003 are null and void. If you value your web page you need to comply with the new standards. (Companies do change and update policies.) However, the automated software has removed your listing, so if you wish to renew now, you will need to pay the full price of $49.99 or $179.99 for a lifetime listing. The price will increase to $489.00 for a lifetime listing within the next 2 weeks."

EXACTLY WHAT IS THE CORRECT PRICE?? As for my previous "lifetime listing purchase" my receipt doesn't say anything about policies being subject to change. When you purchase a lifetime membership, how is that subject to change, especially when it's not DISCLOSED that it was subject to change??


Reply by Ernest_CT on 7/7/05 11:03pm
Msg #50473

Fraud. Plain and simple.

All adults have made offers they regret. Some regret in seconds, some in days, and some in years. Having made the offer and had it accepted, however, the deal is done. "Lifetime" means lifetime. "Lifetime of the offer"?! She's GOT to be kidding if she thinks that will hold up in a court of law. She probably thinks nobody will call her on it IN COURT. If you've got a receipt, go for it!

My opinion: Class action suit. But I'm not an attorney.

Reply by sue on 7/7/05 11:11pm
Msg #50476

Re: Fraud. Plain and simple.

...My opinion: Class action suit. ..

much too involved and costly. I'd go to the AG in her state & my state. of course, I've never had any dealings with her as I think she's ...

Reply by RP_CA on 7/7/05 11:31pm
Msg #50482

Ooooh, I hate that woman just from reading that one email (nevermind everything else I've heard and read about her)! Lifetime of the program, my a*s!

I'd report her to the BBB at the very least.

She should honor your lifetime membership in order to keep her word and to show appreciation to you for being there from the start, when she needed you!

Reply by anonymous on 7/8/05 12:05am
Msg #50488

I had a chance to meet the founding member of 50States.. at the NNA conference in Vegas. She gave a presentation with little substance, and talked in circles never addressing any specific points! I wouldn't sign up with her company and be careful of the religious connotations associated with her group.

Reply by Ernest_CT on 7/8/05 1:36am
Msg #50509

A side note.

As a rule, I don't respond to anonymous posts, but this one merits a measured response.

There are several people who post regularly to this Forum (and others) who are atheists or agnostics. You might want to ignore what follows and move on to the next post. You've been warned.

One of the things that bother me a lot is the behavior of some people who proclaim their faith loudly. That goes for ALL faiths, not the followers of any one religious tradition. I do not have a Christian symbol on my car because I do not always behave in a manner befitting a member of a faith community. For someone to advertise that they have been "born again", "saved", or otherwise feel strongly about their relationship with the deity of their choice, and then lie, cheat, and steal from their fellow human being is at least hypocritical. If we are not going to walk the walk, then we shouldn't talk the talk. You've heard it before: "By their deeds ye shall know them."

In Christian love I call upon Victoria Ring to honor her word and not dishonor her God.

Reply by christisocal on 7/8/05 1:48am
Msg #50511

thank you Ernest

I was trying to figure out how to say what you just said, and you said it perfectly. Smiley

Reply by Sam I am on 7/8/05 10:01am
Msg #50545

Re: A side note - great post Ernest! n/m

Reply by Kim_Cali on 7/8/05 12:09am
Msg #50490

This woman is UNREAL!!! First, report to the BBB, second report to the internet fraud complaint center at, then report to

Here is why....I had dealings with an individual on the internet where my money was basically taken and no refund, product or service was delivered. I used the above sites to report and they DO turn it over to the local law enforcement of the appropriate do I know that?? Well I got several emails from him freaking out and 1 phone call....the police and investigators did show up and follow through. I finally received a refund.

Give it a try....they do enter reports into a database, so even if you are the first to report and others could put little ms ring in a ringer if you know what I mean!

Reply by DesireeRoman on 7/8/05 1:01am
Msg #50502

This is GREAT information! I'll certainly contact all those websites. Thanks, and I'll keep everyone posted. Thank you for all the support. It's nice to have feedback from other notaries.

Reply by Anonymous on 7/8/05 6:36am
Msg #50524

You have got to be kidding me. I don't know if anyone saw this, I think it was in one of her newsletters but I got it when someone sent it to me. I've removed the individuals name who sent this to VR out of respect for that person and just put JANE DOE for the sender. Read on:


Dear Victoria: I have been listed in your Nationwide Notary Directory since May 17th 2005 for the New York City area. I was very pleased to see my name in your directory until few minutes ago when I saw that I am appearing on Google search, I almost had a heart attack -- along with my address and my phone number. I like to keep my information confidential. I wish to discontinue my membership IMMEDIATELY in order to remove my name from Google search. None of the other notary organizations I belong to shows up on Google search except Nationwide Notary Directory/50 State. -- JANE DOE

Dear JANE DOE: I have never received a complaint like this one. Most people want to be listed on search engines. In fact, 100s of people sell reports, books and other materials that teach people how to get listed at the top of search engines. Being listed on a search engine provides you with more exposure for your company and this is what marketing on the internet is all about. If you don't want your home address to appear in a listing or on the internet -- then why are you using it in the first place? Why are you providing it on forms you fill out on the internet? I would think you would know better. If you want to keep information confidential the first step is NOT to provide it to anyone. I suggest you get a PO Box to use for the internet so you can protect your home address from appearing on search engines in the future.


Reply by M-fl on 7/8/05 6:55am
Msg #50525

I am a newbie but from what i have read about this lady she is a peice of work. WOW is all i can say. I am sure her time will come ... karma will bit you in the you know what .....

Reply by Charles_CA on 7/8/05 9:50am
Msg #50541

Re: comment regarding search engines and data


I'm not coming to anyone's defense here but with the way search engines work it may not be anyone's fault in particular if you come up in a search.

Try typing your phone number into Google's search bar. Just 800-555-1212 and see if your name and address don't pop up even on unlisted phone numbers.

What happens is that there are digital spiders crawling around the World Wide Web gleaning information for all of the data available on the web. If you want your data to be secret don't post anything anywhere or else build effective firewalls around your computer, your home, your kids, anything you value. These are interesting times. Things aren't always the way they appear.

Best regards,

Reply by anonymous on 7/8/05 2:05pm
Msg #50617

ABSOLUTELY, we can whine and complain plenty but notaries do follow up with BBB, Secretary of the State(notary section)you are having difficulty with. You might be surprised don't allow yourself to be walked over by the signing service crooks or other such bible thumping hipos......
Also does it occur to anyone on the board for the folks that choose to post anon, perhaps they want to remain anon for the signing services who frequent the boards. It's nothing personal and it is a choice, allow us that choice.

Reply by Dogmonger, Ca on 7/8/05 9:58am
Msg #50544

I would forward all information to your states Attorney

General and to the US Attorney Generals office and CC 50 State Notary and Victoria Ring. I would also send all information to your local District Attorney

Reply by Jon on 7/8/05 12:21pm
Msg #50578

Why not report it on 50statenotary has a link to notarybeware on the home page. Maybe that would make 50statenotary take a second look at the blatantly deceptive and fraudulant policies that are being discussed here.

Reply by droman on 7/12/05 12:55am
Msg #51138

I actually have reported her on I haven't heard anything from them though...

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