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CA Notary Exam
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Posted by Confused on 7/19/05 11:02pm
Msg #53270

CA Notary Exam

I just completed the NNA's Seminar and took the test. I was shocked to find 10 questions on the exam that were NOT covered at all in the Seminar!!! I have been a Notary for years and have taken the test about 5 times now and found it very difficult. I am just shocked I guess and want to find out how many other CA notaries struggled as well?????

Reply by Melody on 7/19/05 11:06pm
Msg #53272

The California test is hard.

That is a big part of the reason why California will not go "Attorney Only" for signings (like Georgia and other states). Complain and be grateful simultaneously.

Reply by Joan Bergstrom on 7/19/05 11:17pm
Msg #53275

The test just gets harder and harder. I teach for in Calif and the test is changed at the beginning of a new month and it is very difficult.

I think the test is the reason we have the lowest Notary ratio to population in the United States: 1 per 146 of population. You take a state like Kansas that doesn't have a test and it is 1 per 21 of population. New York is 1 per 73. Florida is 1 per 57.

When I hear Notaries complain Calif is over saturated with Notaries I think they just don't know how to get the business. My phone still rings off the hook!

Reply by AnneSoCa on 7/19/05 11:33pm
Msg #53280

I also took the NNA class and took the State test immediately following. I, too was surprised to see several questions on the test that weren't covered at all in the class.

Not to boast (but it's gonna sound like it anyway), but I was shocked when I got my results and got 100%. Especially since I didn't feel like the NNA class covered the material very well.

Reply by Allison B/SoCA on 7/20/05 7:22am
Msg #53304

The first time I ever took a seminar was with the NNA -- I don't think their instructors are notaries because I heard some definate wrong information, but I passed the test. This commission, I was forced to take the mandatory education class and tried notary classes and after 4 years as a practicing notary, I'm positive the instructor was a practicing notary public - she really knew her stuff. Plus the class was a lot more fun. I will say that I don't think there is any way a class can cover every single thing or scenario and we don't always hear everything that's said. The questions were tricky but the advice was right-on: Read every single question, read every single answer and chose the best answer (since there can be more than one right answer and there was!). And the teacher told us that there is a new test every month so how would they know exactly what's on the test???

Reply by TinaG_CA on 7/20/05 9:21am
Msg #53315

When I renewed mine last year, I found the test to be very hard. Which, as was stated, is a good thing. I've never attended a seminar, just studied the Handbook. I've been a Notary for over 20 years and it gets harder everytime.

Reply by JPC_CA on 7/20/05 9:25am
Msg #53316

I found harder the certification from Joan Berg. I passed the CA exam really easy with good grade,
but when it came to get certified by notaryclasses signing agent that one I failed once, but I passed the second time.

Reply by PhilCA on 7/20/05 10:17am
Msg #53333

Re: Was that or

Or are they the same?

Reply by Terri - CA on 7/20/05 5:57pm
Msg #53447

Re: Was that or

No, they are not the same. Two different entities.

Lancaster, CA

Reply by WF-CA on 7/20/05 10:19am
Msg #53334

Re: CA notary Exam for Joan

Hi Joan: I took the notary class & signing agent class with Cheryl Elliott as my instructor. I am really grateful that I did, since I do agree, the test WAS hard. I passed, though, the first time! I am also very lucky, that the very 1st day after I signed up with only one SS, I got a call for signings--at her suggestion, became a Premier NR member. Thanks to you & Cheryl for all the good info!

Reply by Julie-MI on 7/20/05 9:25am
Msg #53317

Where did you get the information that CA will not be attorney only for closings?

Reply by Julie-MI on 7/20/05 9:27am
Msg #53318

My post was directed to Melody nm


Reply by Angel - LA on 7/20/05 9:46am
Msg #53323

I have heard that too! I think the test was hard - I'm glad that I was able to download a home guide for study that was free when I signed up --- really helped alot.

Reply by terry/ca on 7/20/05 11:59am
Msg #53359

I finished the test rather quick......thought I knew most of the answers......and ended up with an 87%. I did study before the seminar and felt most of the class was mainly review...but even after studying prior to the class.....I still did not ace the test. Anyway, I am glad I took the to meet some very nice people. And just to let a few of you know on this board.....when they asked how many were doing loan signing, only two raised their hands. Most of the people there were sent by their employers.

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