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Whats the best Laser Printer to buy ? HP vs Brother vs ?
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Whats the best Laser Printer to buy ? HP vs Brother vs ?
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Posted by HP Notary on 6/13/05 1:26pm
Msg #44299

Whats the best Laser Printer to buy ? HP vs Brother vs ?

I have a Brother 1440 printer which now needs a new Drum. Its not worth it!!--the printer costs $200 and the drum is $189. So now the question what do I replace it with?

I've been reading the threads concerning Laser printers. NOT ONE PERSON mentioned that Brother printers need a drum replacement at 20,000 copies ( I do 1000-1500/month) while HP printers do not. This is a serious consideration..

However--to further confuse the issue: I found the Brother tech support service to be excellent-fast and well informed. HP, on the other hand, well, I have an HP all-in -one- the tech support is HORRIBLE. They are in India and reading scripts. On a simple thing like speed dialing proceedure they put you on hold for 5-10 minutes, then still come up with bad answers.

Thus I'm leaning more toward Brother or another brand, even if I have to bite the bullet on the drum issue.

If I do go with Brother -I've seen people on the sight rave about the 5050LT. Now there's a new model 5070 , and 5070 LT. The 5070 lt is $350. without the lower tray can be $250. Two Tech people at Brother tell me that even with 2 trays the machine cannot mix legal and letter. So is it worth the extra $100 for the second tray?
Any comments, anyone using the 5070 ( with networking and duplexing) ...any recommendations for other machines? Thanks

Reply by Dmartz_IN on 6/13/05 1:37pm
Msg #44304

I use a Brother 5170DNLT have not had any trouble as of this post, it also will need drum replacement after 20,000 copies. this machine will mix legal and letter if that is how it is sent.

Reply by Michele Howard on 6/13/05 2:32pm
Msg #44322

Hi, I retired from HP after 27 years. Yes I agree with you that the service isn't the best since Carly took over the company. But the good news is they have a new CEO and the service should be getting better. I use an HP 2420 and it works like a champ. I have to say I do own an HP all in one 6110 also and have never had any problems with either of my printers. They are easy to install and work with. Hope this helps.

Reply by Jon on 6/13/05 3:34pm
Msg #44353

Re: Whats the best Laser Printer to buy ? HP vs Brother vs

I havew a 5040 and a 5050LT. I bought the 5040 when my HP broke and I needed a new printer to finish an order. I love it! I wanted to get the second tray, but they were so expensive($200msrp), which is more than I paid for the printer. I was looking on ebay for a second tray and found a 5050lt for $80. I figured if it doesn't work, at least I have the second tray and a replacement drum. Fortunately for me it works great. I have found new aftermarket drums for $75 on ebay. The Brothers will pull from the appropriate tray if the program tells the printer which size to print on, the printer does not do this on it's own. If you load legal in tray 1 and letter in tray 2, if the program tells the printer which size to print on, great. If the program doesn't, everything prints on legal and you don't have to switch trays or paper.

Reply by HP Notary CA on 6/13/05 4:03pm
Msg #44362

Re: Whats the best Laser Printer to buy ? HP vs Brother vs

Thanks Jon.
Two Brother Techs (who seem ery articulate) tell me that the 2nd tray on the 5070-Model #5070LT is $50 extra. $350 AND $300 without the tray. It seems to be a no brainer.
I also checked the prices at OfficeMax-Ditto.

Reply by db_IL on 6/13/05 7:49pm
Msg #44412

IMO - Its not a matter of which is best, cuz most manufacturers have similar technology, features and emulation programming. Sometimes it comes down to your budget and your comfort zone with certain brands. I personally have owned both. I am an avid comparison shopper with Consumer Reports and trust the advice of others as well.

My newest laser printer purchased, that I love is a Brother HL-5150DLT (dual tray w/ duplexer). Stumbled on it at Office Max for $200 incl. extended warranty cuz it was the last one they had. It's a real workhorse and I have no complaints. As for the drum unit cost. Yep, it is true that Brother advises the drum to replaced after every 3d toner cartridge. However, for me that was nothing. I already have a drum waiting in the closet (purchased off E-bay for $89). I told you I was a shopper. BTW, my toner for Brother (regularly $70 per - found at $105 for 3 high yield). I love great deals.

Bottom line, I think any equipment has to be considered with maintenance costs included. And that being said your maintenance costs depend on if you by the first you see or whether you shop around.

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