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to print letter and legal or not print letter and legal
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to print letter and legal or not print letter and legal
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Posted by Select Processing Servivces - Southeast Michigan on 5/26/05 8:40pm
Msg #40682

to print letter and legal or not print letter and legal

Hi. I have a few questions about the capabilities a printer should havel. I currently have Brother 9600 (all in one), HP 2200dn(laser printer), and HP 3380(all in one-fax,copier,scanner, and printer) but none of these allow dual tray printing (letter to legal or legal to letter switching during printing of a closing package). At least, I am not aware of this function-I have pretty much read the manual from front to back and talked to HP about purchasing and installing another tray. All three only have one paper tray. They are all able to print legal and letter size documents just not back and forth during the same print job.

I guess my question is, how important is it to have a printer that switches to either or during a doc printing? Printing the package in all Legal size should be fine right? I usually advise signing co or title company that I'll be printing in all legal and so far it has not been a problem. I think what I have is ok? What do my fellow signing agents think?

Curious Markita-MI

Reply by Jeanie-fl on 5/26/05 9:45pm
Msg #40708

I print everything on legal paper unless the TC sends the docs in two emails clearly stating one is letter size and the other is legal.

I had one company have a problem with that. They wanted me to print one set legal and another letter. Then I was to spend my time shuffling between the two sets to make one perfect set for the lender and a lousy set for the BR.

I pointed out that mistakes are often made when signing docs. Example: the BR's sign the DOT incorrectly. Normally I would change out that doc with the BR's doc. With this TC's system the DOT would have 15 pages letter size and a legal size signature page. They weren't to keen on that scenario.

I then pointed out to the TC that to get their perfect set of signed docs I would have to print out 2 sets legal and 2 sets letter. Thus allowing for mistakes. Of course I would have to charge double for this plus my time to shuffle and reorganize the sets. I told the TC if they would send the legal sized docs in one email and the letter size it would solve their problem. They decided that was way to much work for them to do. They saw the light and decided printing it all on legal was just fine!

Reply by John_NorCal on 5/26/05 9:47pm
Msg #40710

I have an HP 1320 TN. In my opinion the ability to go back and forth in your print job is as the ad says "priceless." I think it saves a lot of time from having to switch paper manually, or especially cutting down legal to letter. I can better use my time if my printer is doing the work!

Reply by TAgey on 5/26/05 11:02pm
Msg #40725

I just purchased a Brother MFC-8440. I presently only have one tray, but have the ability to add another tray. The printer is also capable of switching automatically during printing from legal to letter and vice versa.

If you are able to sell the others and invest the money into this printer - it would be worth your while. I got mine at Staples for $665.00.

Hope this helps.

Reply by John_NorCal on 5/26/05 11:11pm
Msg #40730

Got my HP at office depot for $750 with a $150.00 rebate. It already comes with 2 trays and networks to my other computer. No worry about PCL either.

Reply by BK_FL on 5/27/05 7:50am
Msg #40755

WOW, You really need to shop around more before buying expensive equipment. I too just bought a Brother MFC-8440 last week, came yesterday as a matter of fact.

I paid $425 which included the new printer unit, a new toner cartridge, TN-570 and shipping costs.

Two words...Try EBay! Live and learn but you could have gotten a better deal. BK/FL

Reply by SDNotary on 5/26/05 11:10pm
Msg #40729

I have a Laserjet 2200 DTN which has the 3rd tray. It prints on paper size according to the document. I have printed many sets of docs with mixed paper sizes. The 3rd tray is easily added by just setting the printer on top, and is readily available. I found my 500 sheet tray on E-Bay. Many 250 sheet trays go for under $50.

Reply by Select Processing Servivces - Southeast Michigan on 5/27/05 9:44am
Msg #40766

Thanks for all of the feedback. So far I have HP 2200dtn and HP 1320 TN as acceptable printers with dual tray (letter and legal printing switching) printing capabilities. For now, the printers I am working with are doing the job on legal size only.

I will look around and see if I can find a good deal on these two printers(HP 2200dtn and HP 1320 TN). Again, thanks so much for your feedback.


Reply by Select Processing Servivces - Southeast Michigan on 5/27/05 9:56am
Msg #40768

correction printers with dual tray printing capabilities during the same print job are:

HP 2200dtn
HP 1320 TN
Brother MFC- 8440

If there are any more , don't be shy. Please advise and I will be sure to add to my list of acceptable laser printers that offer dual tray printing capabilities(able to switch back and forth between legal size paper and letter size paper during the same print job).

For those of us with other laser printers(all in ones included) that print legal only during print job or letter only during print job, if it has worked so far---why fix it if it isn't broke? It's just good information to have should it ever become an issue.

Thanks again for all of the feedback.


Reply by Mistarella on 5/27/05 10:56am
Msg #40787

Brother 5140 $198 ext paper tray $127 works great saves me


Reply by Jon on 5/27/05 4:02pm
Msg #40851

I believe the 2200dn has a 50 or 100 sheet multi purpose tray that can be set up to act a a second tray.

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