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Advice on faxing back...
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Advice on faxing back...
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Posted by LauriecPA on 4/14/06 11:18pm
Msg #113699

Advice on faxing back...

I have an appt. at 9 am tomorrow that I was just printing a few docs for now at's with Servicelink. I haven't done a closing for them in a couple of months after getting a few of their "new client" Full Spectrum CW loans. Now when they call I ask if it is CW/FS and turn them down if it is. When the scheduler called me for this one I asked this question (and explained that I don't want a job that required all of the fax backs and split pkgs.) She said "No, it's not and the docs are going right to the borrower." (CW are usually emailed.) I agreed to take it.
Now, the attachments I am printing out are instructions for the endless fax backs required, that I need to wait for approval AND split the package. Of course it's too late to tell them I am not doing the signing, but I will feel like a total schmuck if I do the faxing. (I have 4 other signings tomorrow and want to get Easter dinner ready! I don't have 3 hours to spend at the fax machine! lol)
I don't want to miss out on the pay by not following their rules, but I DID discuss this when the scheduler called!
Why, oh why, did I ever agree to take another job with them?????? I am such a dope!

Reply by fiKS on 4/14/06 11:36pm
Msg #113700

You're right. If you decline now, it will only hurt the borrower. However, I would increase my fee since the fee you agreed on did not include faxbacks. I just hate those and get so POed when I ask for additional fee for those 20+ pages fax backs and they say "oh, it won't cost you anything, we have a toll free fax number." if I am concerned about the cost of faxing. It's the time involved. Often times, I drop off docs right after signing. When I get home for the day, all packages have been dropped off in the mail and I start with fresh jobs the next day. But with the faxbacks....well you know, run home, fax and go back out to drop off package.

Reply by LauriecPA on 4/14/06 11:44pm
Msg #113701

I doubt if anyone will even be there tomorrow when I call. I think I'll leave a message to let them know when the signing is complete, and remind them that I did not agree to the faxing/split pkg. for the fee that was offered. Hopefully they'll say to drop it in the box!

Reply by Charles_Ca on 4/15/06 12:27am
Msg #113702

HI Lauriec:

If you can't get them to answer the phone tomorrow and give you an appropriate fee for the Fax-vacks they demand just put the dos in the package and drip them in the drop box. They changed the terms of contract with the docs they sent but in many instances I have found that those e-mail requirements are boiler-plate and if they told you there were no Fax-backs they will probably stand behind that. Good luck!

Reply by Anonymous on 4/15/06 6:31pm
Msg #113800

I hate to sound uninformed, but I am and new at this....what is a faxing/split pkg? I understand the faxing, but what does faxing/split pkg mean?

Reply by BP/WV on 4/15/06 6:39pm
Msg #113802

Split package - seperating a package after signing and sending some to the title company and most to the lender.

Reply by BrendaTx on 4/15/06 12:34am
Msg #113703

**"oh, it won't cost you anything, we have a toll free fax number." if I am concerned about the cost of faxing. It's the time involved. **

How about they lose the toll free fax line - then they could afford to pay the fax fees.

Reply by Ndwa on 4/15/06 1:53am
Msg #113708

I'd do the signing then hold the docs without faxing back until (Monday hopefully) SL agree to the fax fee. Either way, dropping off the docs without faxing could cost you your fee as CW is very ano with those faxback requirement. Don't know how much SL is paying for those CW, but one SS I work with is very generous and probably b/c CW only want me doing them.

CW is paying $250 and up with the faxback requirement so you should get something out of it.

Reply by BP/WV on 4/15/06 8:09am
Msg #113714


Service Link has "sandbagged" you.

I recently documented how much time I am spending on faxbacks and split packages.

You can find the results in Msg #111624.

This entire thread is excellent.

I wish more people would charge for faxbacks.

Reply by Beth/MD on 4/15/06 8:16am
Msg #113717

I've always been a big believer in charging for faxbacks. I have called back after receiving confirmation to renegotiate. Only one company decided to find another notary.

Reply by Genkichan on 4/15/06 9:30am
Msg #113719

SL pulled this one on me a short while ago too. And they did NOT agree to increase the fee due to fax backs. They insisted that they don't pay faxback fees at all. Often times those schedulers really don't know what is involved with the package when they are being o-nited docs. I lost out on my additional fees with SL in that case, and haven't heard from them since. This is a never ending battle in our field. And with business slowing down, I suppose if I were you at this point I would just suck it up, do the fax backs, and move on. You can ask for more money, but don't get your hopes up.

Reply by Beth/MD on 4/15/06 9:42am
Msg #113722

Re: Advice on faxing back...Genkichan

don't you just love the way they screw you on faxbacks and then never call back? I had a company do it to me. Now if confirmation/instructions come with faxback requests I either get them to include a faxback fee or they can give it to someone else.

Reply by HARRY_PA on 4/15/06 9:55am
Msg #113725

I agree with Genkichan. Take your lumps and do the fax backs. ServiceLink will not pay any more than what was agreed upon before the signing. Without the fax backs, no pay. I choose to work for them, but I know what I am getting into and charge accodingly. They have turned me down for my fee, but changed their minds aomost immediately. I have worked with them for several years, although now only occasionally.

god luck.

Reply by Beth/MD on 4/15/06 10:13am
Msg #113733

Re: Advice on faxing back...I disagree Harry_PA

I'm not in this business to "take my lumps." Just as any other business owner I also decide what I will do for X dollars. And that doesn't include wasting my time faxing back 50 pages. As BrendaTX said, it's not about the cost of paper/toner, it's about the cost of my time. I need that time available for other appts. So, no, I don't take my lumps, let these companies take their lumps.

Reply by HARRY_PA on 4/15/06 10:20am
Msg #113737

Re: Advice on faxing back...I disagree Harry_PA

No lumps, no py n/m

Reply by Charles_Ca on 4/15/06 10:25am
Msg #113738

Unfortunate business model

No lumps, no py n/m

Lumps = extra costs for less pay. With the philosophy of sucking it up is not way to conduct a business. Why do you believe that the notary shoujld suck it up while the SS doesn't have to. That whole thought process is what causes the SS to try and beat down everyone. Are you that desperate for the money? As long as people keep acceting thei "lumps" the SS will keep doling them out. Just say NO!

Reply by Beth/MD on 4/15/06 10:28am
Msg #113739

Re: Ditto Charles n/m

Reply by HARRY_PA on 4/15/06 11:05am
Msg #113744

Re: Ditto Charles

Know your relatationship,no lumps. Or don't take assignments from this settlement company. We are "independent contractors". The purpose of this exercise is to make informed decisions. These are the dues we pay. Happy Easter!!!

Reply by Glenn Strickler on 4/15/06 11:15am
Msg #113745

Re: Ditto Charles

Fax-backs are a pain in the posterior. Unfortunately, they seem to be increasing because of the increasing amount of poor notaries that are out there. Some companies will drop the fax-back requirements as they gain confidence in your skills. However I don't think that CW will ever be one of those. Everyone must set their price for fax-backs, whether it is by the page, or just adding 25 bucks to the fee, but, unless it is just a page or two, should never be included in your base fee.

You are between a rock and a hard spot. If you hold the docs hostage, they may or may not pay your increased fee, or they may dock you when they do pay you. Call the person who hired you, explain that you did not have any idea on the amount of work involved and see if you can't get a fax back fee added. I did this when I was new and I got an extra 50 bucks. Remember, be nice. I have since learned to ask "Who's the lender?" when I am being hired.

Good Luck

Reply by Brian Hoveskeland on 4/15/06 2:42pm
Msg #113771

I too am getting tired of Service Link and all the fax back requirements. A friend of mine just told me that when he does a SL Closing and they want him to fax back 20+ pages and WON'T pay him extra for the fax backs, he faxes back the WHOLE package, instructions and all, which is usually 100+ pages with a note saying "he is TOO busy to search and pull out certain docs to fax back. Here is the whole package, YOU find the docs you need." I like that idea, and am thinking of doing the same thing. If everyone started faxing back the whole package, between the cost of their paper, their telephone time and the time it takes them to find the docs they need, maybe they will start paying us a little extra for the fax backs.

Reply by Beth/MD on 4/15/06 3:26pm
Msg #113778

Re: Advice on faxing back...Brian

I think I like your friend. I certainly like his way of thinking.

Reply by Paul_IL on 4/15/06 4:59pm
Msg #113792

Stupidist advice I have ever heard...Be careful what you wish for cause next they will be wanting the whole package faxed back all the time...

Counrtywide/Full Spectrum are the ones requiring faxbacks..their quality control people as so anal it is ridiculious.

My fee includes faxback fees when it is CW/FS. They are the only lender I will do faxbacks for. I started scanning the required docs and e-mailing them.

Reply by BP/WV on 4/15/06 5:09pm
Msg #113793

Not a good idea.

I think if we start faxing the entire package, it will catch on and be expected at all times. My office is equipped with a small business fax machine and has a send cap of 20 pages. When I purchased this machine, faxbacks were never required; I used this machine for invoicing only. I also do not have a dedicated fax line; therefore, faxing an entire loan package would tie up my phone line for over an hour. I will spend money on a new elaborate fax machine and a dedicated fax line when I profit from faxbacks.

I really don’t understand the reasoning of insisting certain docs be faxed. I personally loathe opening docs and seeing a critical doc faxback list. What is so critical about it? I can only think of one scenario that would delay funding: Holidays…and that is it!

This past Monday, I had a package that required faxbacks of over 40 pages. I returned home from the signing at 10:00 am, faxed and dropped the docs by noon. The docs were at their destination by 8:30 am the next day. What was so critical about those docs? I just don’t think its necessary to do that since: a) there is a 3 day rescission and b) the docs were in hand by start of the next business day.

I know some signing services require the HUD faxed because docs are not usually returned to them. I can justify that. I just feel that our services are sometimes taken advantage of. It is an abuse of our services for a company to insist we fax back more than 10 pages without paying an additional fee. I feel as if some companies think we are “nickel and diming” them by asking for this additional fee. They hem, haw, piss and moan about it….and even threat to call someone else. I say, so be it. They can call someone else. If they do not respect MY business, then I don’t need THEIR business.

Reply by LauriecPA on 4/15/06 5:57pm
Msg #113797

I faxed one page so far....

lol. I faxed back the page confirming that the loan had closed along w/the tracking #. I wrote that I was told during the conf. call that this was not a loan that required exorbitant fax backs. It was only after being told this that I agreed to take the assignment. I wrote that the agreed upon fee did not include this extra work and if they still want the "critical docs" faxed back (which basically is EVERY doc except for the closing instructions) the fee will need to be adjusted accordingly.
If the scheduler doesn't know who the lender is, I guess this can happen again. The confirmation said nothing about it, the email they sent w/their 8 or 9 attachments to print had the fax info on it. Boy was I mad! I had trouble falling asleep b/c I was boiling!

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