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Help/become a notary Public in NJ
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Help/become a notary Public in NJ
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Posted by helen ku on 7/13/06 4:36pm
Msg #133044

Help/become a notary Public in NJ

As someone mentioned...

Don't NJ notaries have to have their application endorsed by a member of the State legislature ??
Somebody help me how? Any advise would be appreciated!!
Thanks in advance.

Reply by Marlene/USNA on 7/13/06 4:44pm
Msg #133046

NJ's notary website is at

It should tell you everything you need to know about being a NJ notary.

Reply by Sylvia_FL on 7/13/06 4:59pm
Msg #133048

I believe Helen is saying she doesn't know how to get an endorsement from a State legislator.

Reply by Regal/NC on 7/13/06 8:46pm
Msg #133078

If you are a registered voter, just contact your representative. That what I did when I was in the Garden State.

Reply by Marlene/USNA on 7/14/06 9:49am
Msg #133149

Re: OK, here is a list of districts. . .

. . .

1. Find out which District you're in, then click the link for that District. The names of the Senator and two Assemblypersons for that District displays.

2. Click a link for one of the legislators (Senator or Assemblyperson). The contact information for that person displays.

3. Write a nice letter to the person explaining who you are and requesting his/her endorsement on your notary application.

4. Send the nice letter and your filled-out and signed application to the legislator. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope to get it back quicker.

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