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Filling out - Jurat or Ack
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Filling out - Jurat or Ack
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Posted by NotaryGal_CA on 3/6/06 1:27pm
Msg #102472

Filling out - Jurat or Ack

I am a new notary and have a question about filling out the Jurat or Ack Form. I went on a loan signing with another notary and she filled in the Ack form with the clients name printed. It was a loose Ack. for a loan. Is this a correct procedure? I ask this because I did a POA the other day and I had the client sign their name on the Jurat. The notorial wording was on the form already. I want to make sure I do this correctly. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

Reply by Anonymous on 3/6/06 2:08pm
Msg #102501

Your'e kidding, right?

Did you take a class before you took the Notary exam? If you did, ask for your money back because apparently they taught you nothing.

This is so very, very basic, that if you have to ask the question you shouldn't be doing any notary work, ever. Sorry to be so cruel, but that's the reality of the situation. If you don't already know how to properly complete a Jurat or Acknowledgement you shouldn't be holding yourself out to the public as a Notary Public.

Unfortunately, this shows what the NNA has done, and continues to do to the profession. Grinding out new notarys who do not understand the most basic functions and have to ask questions like this does everyone who values their sworn responsibilities a great disservice.

Reply by NotaryGal_CA on 3/6/06 2:46pm
Msg #102534

EXCUSE ME for beign a newbie. For someone who has so much to say, I find it funny that you hide behind Anonymous. I know that in every new career that you learn more and more with experience. I do read the board and learn from some people who share their experience on here. I am greatful for those people. You know who you are. As for people like yourself that reply with rude and unnessary comments I get a different perspective. My mom always told me if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything. People don't want to read this board and hear bickering back and forth. I guess if you are new notary asking a question you should go else where for some support. See Ya!

Reply by Anonymous on 3/6/06 3:40pm
Msg #102548

You want detailed instructions on how to fill out an Acknowledgetment or a Jurat because you are a newbie?
Here's a hint: To fill out a California All-Purpose Acknowledgement you need to fill in the blanks for situs, date, your name and title and the signer(s) name and then sign and seal.
A California Jurat is even easier.

What part of this didn't you learn BEFORE you took the notary exam?

IMHO, if you don't completely understand such basic functions and obligations I think you should find something else to do before you hurt yourself financially. Screwing up one of these forms (I won't even get into the identification rules so as not to overload you with details) could cost you big money.

There are many reasonable questions where this board can help with answers, but if you aren't even at the point where you can fill in four or five blanks on a page you obviously have a long way to go before you can ask a reasonable question.

Reply by SarahBeth_CA on 3/6/06 3:47pm
Msg #102551

Sometimes the truth is not nice, but it doesn't make it any less the truth. I don't know how anyone could go through a six hour course and not know how to fill out an ack or jurat. You need to sit down and study, study, study. Learn the state laws before you go out and work. For both the public and for yourself. Who did you take your class from?

Reply by LkArrowhd/CA on 3/6/06 3:51pm
Msg #102554

Re: Filling out - Jurat or Ack, You may contact me if you

need help, click in link....good luck

Reply by Kelly M Robertson on 3/7/06 7:46am
Msg #102744

There's Step-by-Step Voice & Cursor Instructions (Free)

Go to -- Dan's got a neat program available with just a click of your mouse right on his HomePage. You can get guided instructions on how to properly fill out an Ack, a Jurat and a loose Certificate - it's his voice with instructions guiding you all the way through the lesson with his cursor. It's better than a class because it's one-on-one with you.

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