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OT: Who is your birthday soulmate?
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OT: Who is your birthday soulmate?
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Posted by TitleGalCA on 10/12/06 9:56pm
Msg #152157

OT: Who is your birthday soulmate?

Birthday Calculator

I share mine with William Shakespeare, Valerie Bertinelli, Shirley Temple Black (explains those curls as a kid) and (drumroll....) Roy Orbison.

If the link above doesn't work go to Time to have some fun - better than the gloom and doom of the past few days!

Tell who you share a birthday with!

Reply by TitleGalCA on 10/12/06 9:59pm
Msg #152159

This should work.

Reply by christiSocal on 10/12/06 10:04pm
Msg #152161

Bruce Willis, Glenn Close, Ursala Andress, Wyatt Earp. I'll take Bruce!

Reply by Signing_Doc on 10/12/06 10:41pm
Msg #152167

Sinead O'Connor (Fight the Insanity!!)
Teri Hatcher
Kim Basinger
Gregg Allman
Jim Morrison (Come one Baby Light My Fire!!)
James Galway (obvious joke)
David Carradine (1936)
Flip Wilson (The Devil Made Me Do It!)
Maximilian Schell
Sammy Davis, Jr. (Another Famous Jew with Rhythm)
Richard Fleischer
Lee J. Cobb
James Thurber
Diego Rivera
Jean Sibelius
Mary Queen of Scots (I wont lose my head over that one!)

Reply by christiSocal on 10/12/06 10:45pm
Msg #152169

Wow Doc, your b-day's a busy one! n/m

Reply by Brenda/CA on 10/12/06 11:25pm
Msg #152181

Stacy Keibler (1979) Usher (1979) Natalie Maines (1974)
Harry Anderson (1952) Sir Cliff Richard (1940) Ralph Lauren (1939)
Roger Moore (1927) John Wooden (1910) Lillian Gish (1896)
e.e. cummings (1894) Dwight Eisenhower (1890) William Penn (1644

Reply by CaliNotary on 10/12/06 11:58pm
Msg #152191

Eric Lindros (1973) Gilbert Gottfried (1955) Bernadette Peters (1948)
Brian Jones (1942) Mario Andretti (1940) Tommy Tune (1939)
Gavin MacLeod (1930) Charles Durning (1923) Zero Mostel (1915)
Earl Scheib (1907) Linus Pauling (1901)

I got shortchanged in the celebrity birthday department. But on the plus side, as long as Gilbert Gottfried is alive I know I'll never be the most annoying person born on that date.

Reply by PJM/MI on 10/13/06 7:22am
Msg #152218

Eleanor Roosevelt.

Reply by MINY on 10/13/06 8:24am
Msg #152233

A.J. Trauth (1986) Adam Lamberg (1984) Callum Keith Rennie (1960)
Sam Neill (1947) Joey Heatherton (1944) Nicol Williamson (1938)
Harve Presnell (1933) Clayton Moore (1914)

Reply by cassiewi on 10/13/06 8:37am
Msg #152237

Devon Sawa (1978) Corbin Bernsen (1954) Julie Kavner (1951)
Gloria Gaynor (1949) Richard Roundtree (1942) Buddy Holly (1936)
Elia Kazan (1909) Grandma Moses (1860) Elizabeth I, Queen of England (1533

Reply by MB_AZ on 10/13/06 10:30am
Msg #152289

Mischa Mandel (1983) Mike Diamond (1965) Bo Derek (1956)
Duane Allman (1946) Veronica Hamel (1943) Dick Smothers (1939)
Richard Dawson (1932) Estelle Parsons (1927) Kaye Ballard (1926)
Robert F. Kennedy (1925) Alistair Cooke (1908)

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