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Notary Commission Number
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Posted by Karen_NH on 9/13/06 10:41am
Msg #145738

Notary Commission Number

I'm trying to sign up with companies listed on the site and some ask for my commission number. I've looked on my commission certificate but there is no #. This is for a NH notary cert. Does anyone know what I should put on the form when it won't let me bypass that field?

Reply by cassiewi on 9/13/06 10:46am
Msg #145741

Since we don't have commission numbers here in WI, I usually put NA. I don't know if NH have commission numbers or not. Sorry I couldn't help you more.

Reply by Tracy_ME on 9/13/06 10:46am
Msg #145742

We don't have a number on Maine either. I usually put not applicable or N/A.

Reply by Karen_NH on 9/13/06 10:49am
Msg #145743

Thanks guys

Feels like a doh moment. Maybe I should have tried that first huh? Well anyways it worked, Thanks for the help.


Reply by BetsyMI on 9/13/06 10:51am
Msg #145744

Commission numbers

We don't have commission numbers in Michigan either. If you're filling out an online form sometimes they insist on a number in that form. In that case I put my bond number and it takes it just fine.

Reply by Dorothy_MI on 9/13/06 11:26am
Msg #145748

N/A works too I've found n/m

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