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iMortgage--Slow pay
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iMortgage--Slow pay
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Posted by BamaNSA on 9/27/06 9:19pm
Msg #148967

iMortgage--Slow pay

Completed a signing for them first of August. Was told they pay after 30 days. After 30 days I emailed to inquire about payment; was told they pay 30-45 days. After 45 days I emailed again inquiring about payment; was told they pay 45-60 days. Almost 60 days now; no payment. I will not be accepting another assignment from this slow (possibly "no" paying) company. BEWARE!

Reply by Tina_MA on 9/28/06 9:09am
Msg #149021

I've been working for them for years. They are a little slow, but they do pay.

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