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Jail signing procedure
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Jail signing procedure
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Posted by davidK/CA on 2/11/07 11:14pm
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Jail signing procedure

Call the main jail number and ask for Inmate Services. They will be able to help setup a visitation where you can get documents signed. You may likely need to provide your original commission and your ID when you arrive at the jail. Bring as little personal stuff with you as possible, your ID, your commission, seal, journal, the documents and a pen is all you need.

It's basically scary to be inside a jail, even though you know you can get out after the job is done. Most likely you will be passing your journal and the document to the inmate thru a drawer with a guard standing with the inmate on the other side of a glass partition.

According to California Civil Code Sec 1185 you can use an inmate identification card issued by the Department of Corrections if the inmate is in custody. Be aware that some jails may only show the first and last name on the wrist ID (in lieu of a "card"Wink so if the document needs a "Jr." or a middle name you may need additional ID that the inmate does not have access to. Check the document and ask Inmate Services before you set an appointment.

Good luck. It's a real experience!

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