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Notary Public at US Post Office
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Notary Public at US Post Office
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Posted by Michelle/AL on 7/5/07 6:07pm
Msg #198643

Notary Public at US Post Office

I just finished reading an online article at Voices News dot com about a new PO in CT that will offer Notary Public services. I'm not too surprised because it's evident to me that the postal service is trying to diversify (who isn't these days?). I hope some of the CT NotRot members will report back on how successful this venture is or isn't. I figure if it works well in CT it could very well come to a post office near me eventually.

What about other states? Does your US Post Office offer notary services?

Reply by ZeeCA on 7/5/07 6:10pm
Msg #198644

The USPS used to offer and then got rid of it as the banks took over the service long long ago... life is full circle eh?

Reply by SharonH/OH on 7/5/07 6:32pm
Msg #198646

When I was mailing something at our post office last week, the postal worker noticed my business name and asked me for a card. She said they are always getting calls from people expecting them to have a notary on duty, and they don't. She would keep me in mind for referrals.

Reply by closerchris on 7/6/07 12:02am
Msg #198673

interesting marketing angle... hmm... n/m

Reply by Dennis/CA on 7/5/07 6:57pm
Msg #198649

The post office mentioned in the "Voices News" article is a "Community Post Office" also known as a "Contract Station". Contract stations are staffed by the owners of the business hosting the contract post office. You may find notary services at contract stations, but it is doubtful you'll find them at the regular post offices staffed by federal employees.

Reply by BobbiCT on 7/6/07 6:56am
Msg #198682

Over 54 thousand+ notaries in CT ...

At least 53 thousand of them do NOT charge the $5 notarization fee and their commission and supplies are paid for by their employer. EVERY bank branch has at least two notaries on staff, all insurance offices, real estate offices, law firms, and many doctor's offices. Schools, hospitals and nursing homes have at least one staff notary (also free). No bond, no E&O, once-in-a-lifetime open-book test (have your boss answer) at the time you apply, $60 and you're good to go for Five years (seal & stamp also not required). Saving grace: at least they don't advertise their free services - except the banks in their customer service brochures.

A few more notaries in post offices won't make a difference. They're already in all UPS and Kinkos copy centers, too.

After competing with other NSAs, our other competition is the "free" notary at the signer's place of work (spouse's place of work) or friendly bank branch 10 minutes down the road on a Saturday morning.

Reply by Julie/MI on 7/6/07 10:10am
Msg #198697

I don't think it's diversification that is promting the USPS to have a notary or two around, I think it's because passport applications sometimes require a notarized statement for minor children and because it's a convenience for the public. I don't think it's being done as a money maker.

My state just gave us a raise to $10 from $2 and I know some states only allow .50 cents per notarization.

Reply by claudine osborne on 7/6/07 11:05pm
Msg #198792

Ohio does not have notaries in post office. I have lots of clients referred to me by the post office and some banks in my area!

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