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Getting something notarized by the bank or UPS
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Getting something notarized by the bank or UPS
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Posted by BetsyMI on 3/5/07 7:40pm
Msg #178386

Getting something notarized by the bank or UPS

I'm curious...since there's a discussion below about the UPS stores. I went to one today to get something notarized for myself, and I was surprised that there was a $5 charge. I don't know why, but I thought there was no fee to have something notarized at a UPS store. Have any of you experienced no fee or a higher fee at one of their stores? Wondered if this too was different depending on the owner of the franchise.

I also called my bank to see if they would notarize something and the reply was that they could not notarize any document that says "true and correct to the best of my knowledge". I thought that was strange!

Reply by BetsyMI on 3/5/07 7:42pm
Msg #178387

Also, the document had a jurat on it, and the notary did not give me the oath........

Reply by dickb/wi on 3/5/07 7:43pm
Msg #178389

what fee does MI allow......... n/m

Reply by BetsyMI on 3/5/07 7:44pm
Msg #178390

Re: what fee does MI allow.........

$10 per notarization for Michigan. I thought about that but still thought there would be no fee.

I would have called Renee and had coffee with her!

Reply by ReneeK_MI on 3/6/07 5:11am
Msg #178426

Re: what fee does MI allow.........

You should have! I would have done the notarization for free, I don't charge for coffee, AND just give us 5 minutes of shop-talk - we'd both be swearing! =O

Reply by dickb/wi on 3/6/07 1:08pm
Msg #178484

my lord renee...what time do you get up?.... n/m

Reply by ReneeK_MI on 3/6/07 1:53pm
Msg #178497

Let's just say I LOVE DST when I appear normal again! n/m

Reply by Linda_in_MI on 3/5/07 7:47pm
Msg #178392


About 2 months ago my daughter needed to have something notarized. To avoid conflict I suggested she visit her local UPS store in Novi. They wanted $15 for a one page, one stamp notarization.

Reply by Janet Sobers on 3/5/07 8:15pm
Msg #178397

Here No notaries in banks or UPS

I hear that all the time about notarizations in banks. People from out of state that come here are surprised that our banks do not have notarization services. I was surprised that other states did. I guess poor little Louisiana is just a different situation with civil law vs common law....

Reply by BetsyMI on 3/5/07 8:19pm
Msg #178399


Hey, that WAS the store I went to today.......strange..mine was a one page doc too and they charged $5.

Reply by James H. Lissemore on 3/5/07 8:25pm
Msg #178400

Re: Linda

In N.J. State mandated max fee is $2.50 per Notarization. Most banks do not charge to Notarize a document

Reply by Julie/MI on 3/5/07 9:20pm
Msg #178404

Sounds like the local UPS is giving a good deal since a notary public can charge $10 per notarization, so why would they do it for free?

Secondly, when did it come into conversation with the bank the "true and correct to the best of my knowledge", did they tell you that before you came in or did you give them the verbage on your document. From my take, it sounds like they are telling you that you have to give either jurat or acknowledgment wording.......

Reply by BrendaTx on 3/6/07 6:05am
Msg #178430

Betsy, UPS Stores and mailbox stores use notary fees as a main part of their income. Why wouldn't they charge? Mine charges at least for the first signature.

Reply by Sylvia_FL on 3/6/07 7:12am
Msg #178431

I have been getting a lot more calls for regular notary work. Banks here have stopped doing notarizations unless they are the bank documents, so the people are going to the local pack n ship place which doesn't have a notary so they send them to me. The Pack N Ship place has been sending me customers for the past 7 years, they keep a constant supply of my business cards at the store. They have to be the only pack n ship place that doesn't have a notary.

Reply by BrendaTx on 3/6/07 7:41am
Msg #178433

...early posting/whacky answers...

I said, "Mine charges..."

I meant, the store I visit for notarizations.

Reply by Mia on 3/6/07 8:32am
Msg #178440

It is NOT strange....

Betsy said: " that they could not notarize any document that says, true and correct
to the best of my knowledge. I thought that was strange!"

Go to our State Website. Under the heading "Document Certification" -- read the 1st
paragraph..... "As a reminder, a Notary Public can NOT make a true copy statement in
the State of Michigan".

The word "true" is the issue.

Reply by Joe Ewing on 3/6/07 9:36am
Msg #178446

Re: It is NOT strange....

You should read your handbook. That statement applies to copy certifications.

Reply by Katrina Arnaud on 3/6/07 12:57pm
Msg #178479


Just a topic to kick around the block, but what do the rest of do when a document requires the notary to "Certify" and something is true and correct?

I feel that is close to "Certifying" a document, and I didn't feel comfortable with it because we "witness", not certify. I have had documents "certified" as an true copy of the original by the County Recorder, but a notary doesn't certify. What am I missing?

Reply by Marlene/USNA on 3/6/07 1:42pm
Msg #178493

Re: Certify/Affirm

Notaries can certify in PA. That's a CA situation you're dealing with there (and some other states as well.)

Reply by Mia on 3/6/07 4:08pm
Msg #178560

joe ewing...

When did you start teaching MICHIGAN Notary Public Classes? Why don't you just go back
to the California notary Public Laws/teaching. Couldn't you read or understand the words
~"Document Certification"~?

For the MI Notaries:
**Any MI Notary Public is not liable for the truth, form or contents of a record.
(I don't know why she read the document to the Bank).

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