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Kinko's/UPS notary fees
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Kinko's/UPS notary fees
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Posted by Roger_OH on 3/31/07 12:32pm
Msg #183167

Kinko's/UPS notary fees

Are the Kinko's or UPS stores in your area permitted to charge a "service fee" over and above the state fees for notary services provided by their staff, or are they limited to the statutory fee? ? Are there any types of docs they won't notarize? Are they covered by their own E&O? Just curious what the norm is out there.

Reply by BobbiCT on 3/31/07 12:57pm
Msg #183174

Kinko's/UPS Notary Fee

In CT limited by statutory fee. IF the customer knows the fee and is still willing to be overcharged to get the document notarized (CT doesn't require a notary to tell a signer the statutory fee OR post the fee), the customer can complain to the Notary Unit of our SOTS and the SOTS will call and tell then notary s/he can't do that ... end of story. The SOTS can't do more than "hold a hearing" to determine if ONE known complaint of overcharging is worth revoking the notary's commission. For strictly notary public services, in CT the LAW allows UP TO $5 "per notarization." There's some debate if two people come to you at the same time for a document they both are signing whether you can charge more than $5; i.e., it's one document with one notarization block for two people signing at the same time, so "isn't this one notarization?"

In CT, suing a Kinko's/UPS notary could lead to a nice deep employer insurance pocket. The notary acted "on employer time, within the employer's business location." Sue the notary AND the employer, who is liable for the acts of the employee during business hours, on business site, performing service required, allowed or KNOWN by the employer.

Reply by MistarellaFL on 3/31/07 4:08pm
Msg #183187

No, and actually, the UPS store in town reduces notary fees after the first one on the same day.
$10 first notarization (max allowed by FL law)
$5 each subsequent notarization

But they are not mobile!

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