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Marital Status Affidavit
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Marital Status Affidavit
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Posted by CMS_NY on 3/20/07 8:13am
Msg #180796

Marital Status Affidavit

Does anyone have a FLORIDA "Marital Status Affidavit" or general (not state specific) Marital Status Affidavit?

If so, kindly email me at [e-mail address]

Thanks in advance for any help Smile

Reply by MistarellaFL on 3/20/07 8:19am
Msg #180797

I am looking for one for you, Chris.......bear with me a minute!

Reply by Becca_FL on 3/20/07 8:37am
Msg #180807

Marital Status Affidavit or Continuous Mariage Aff?

Reply by Becca_FL on 3/20/07 8:41am
Msg #180809

Re: Marital Status Affidavit...On its way.

If you need a CMA instead, let me know.

Reply by marlindog on 3/20/07 8:47am
Msg #180811

I'll take one with pepporoni and xtra cheese n/m

Reply by CMS_NY on 3/20/07 9:13am
Msg #180814

The form I was looking for was pertaining to the Florida Homestead Act. So, the affidavit I need I guess would be a Homestead Affidavit.

I found a couple of things on the web and the title company seems to be satisfied with what I gave them.

Thank you all for your immediate responses and help.

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