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Toner saver mode
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Toner saver mode
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Posted by Larry/Ca on 5/27/07 1:15am
Msg #192245

Toner saver mode

I just changed my printer setting to the toner saver mode. I'm not sure what this does. Anyone know what this does? Am I gonna save tons of toner? Will this effect the quality of my documents?

Reply by Ndwa on 5/27/07 2:15am
Msg #192248

It will reduce density & resolution of the printed text/image. It's like reducing from medium point to fine. Don't know how much toner you will save, and while it does speed up the printing a bit, but some faxed/scanned pdf (image) files may not be as dark as you'd like.

Reply by kcg on 5/27/07 7:08am
Msg #192258

I am trying to save on toner also but I don't think it'll work with my HP 1022 - there are only 2 settings - 1200 and 600.....I tried the 600, econo print and the docs were way too light for my liking (and I'm sure anyone else's)....this is a bummer because I'm only getting 1000 copies per cartridge which is advertised to get 2000 copies. Any suggestions are welcome

Reply by Lee/AR on 5/27/07 7:27am
Msg #192262

Check this out

Install a 'new' printer that uses a driver that will give you as little as 300dpi. I have an HP1200 & the minimum dpi it shows is 600, but by installing/using the PCL or PCL5 or PCL5e, you can go as low as 300dpi. I can't see the difference in print quality, but get a lot more pages from a cartridge and it prints MUCH faster, too.

Reply by kcg on 5/27/07 7:43am
Msg #192263

Re:thanks for the suggestion-Will try it n/m

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