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People bashing
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Posted by Smug/Fl on 12/3/09 9:40am
Msg #312934

People bashing

Just a question, I know most do not like people bashing on here. My question is? If there is someone listed on NotRot (w/profile) and they contract you to do a job, then do not pay you. Is it ok to call them out by name and let everyone know. Or just list their company and do not mention they are a NotRot member.

Reply by SShoreDude on 12/3/09 9:50am
Msg #312936

I am all for listing them by name, thats what you get for not paying your bills. But wait for a few more responses from some more experienced members before you do.

Reply by Jim/AL on 12/3/09 9:57am
Msg #312941

Re: People bashing. This would really depend on how much

you have tried to collect on a valid debt and whether you were getting a response or what. There is always two sides to every story. If they are just outright ignoring you than I think that would do it for me. If their is more to it and you are not being paid for a reason than IMO they deserve to work that out with you personally...not here.

Reply by BrendaTx on 12/3/09 9:55am
Msg #312938

The truth is the truth, imho. n/m

Reply by Michelle/AL on 12/3/09 9:55am
Msg #312939

Sweet Temptation

That happened to me once. Well sort of. She/he could not complete a signing appointment. Asked me to do it for them. Sent me a confirmation. It took many months for me to get paid. I was tempted to blast her/him on this board but didn't. However, I did refer them to a collection agency that I use. I got my money. Hmmm come to think of happened twice, two different people.

Just remember that Signing Services and Title Companies view the posts on this board. They may consider your tone, choice of words as unprofessional and it could make them think twice before calling you to do a signing for them.

If your goal is to get paid, I say send them to collections or take the necessary legal steps to accomplishment that goal. If your goal is to embarass, harrass or anger them....then blasting might work.

Reply by Vince/KS on 12/3/09 10:06am
Msg #312943

The main part of the idea of Signing Central is notary ratings of the "vendors." If you believe you have done what you need to and have not been compensated per your written confirmation, then you are doing us all a service to simply let us know what happened and rating the service appropriately. We should be thankful for the information.

You should know there have been a few cases (strong minority) where the signing service responded to such posts with information that illustrated that the notary did not perform up to reasonable standards. You should know where you stand before you hit enter as your post typically does not get erased.

Reply by jba/fl on 12/3/09 10:20am
Msg #312944

Does anybody have payment issues with abc?

Then list your collection efforts and just wonder.

That is totally acceptable IMO plus serves as a warning to others.

Reply by Notarysigner on 12/3/09 10:43am
Msg #312949

Re: Does anybody have payment issues with abc?

Everyone, so far has good advise but, ....Signing Central is the place, initially. Be careful, follow procedures ...demand letter,etc. Then when no response, blast at your own risk. I am being sued by a SS ( Loss of income) so also be prepared to go to court for your money. IMO

Reply by Ilene C. Seidel on 12/3/09 5:37pm
Msg #313025

I agree with vince cover all bases before rating a company
Do go to ss to post results so we all know to avoid them

Reply by LKT/CA on 12/3/09 6:44pm
Msg #313030

<<<Just a question, I know most do not like people bashing on here. My question is? If there is someone listed on NotRot (w/profile) and they contract you to do a job, then do not pay you. Is it ok to call them out by name and let everyone know. Or just list their company and do not mention they are a NotRot member.>>>

Just state the facts: (For example) I completed a signing for the Noodle Signing Service located in Los Angeles, CA on X date. Their payment schedule is net 30 on the confirmation. I completed the signing error free in good faith and have not been paid to date. I emailed John Quincy Doe and left numerous phone messages that have been ignored. Their account is now 70 days past due and I have prepared my collection letter. Etc., etc, etc. and so forth.

Just state is only bashing when you say something like: That John Quincy Doe of the Noodle SS is a jerk and a thieving scumball.....

Reply by CaliNotary on 12/3/09 7:13pm
Msg #313033

As long as it's legit, you should definitely let us know

I'm thinking back a year or two to Andy Le, who was a longtime, well respected poster on here who eventually started a signing service, which fairly quickly went belly up and he ended up screwing a lot of people out of payment. I know a lot of people were reluctant to post anything negative about him, at least initially, and I have to wonder how many people ended up getting screwed because they checked out his company on here, didn't see anything worrisome, so they took the signing. I'm guessing he got a free ride for a month or two longer than he should have because of his earlier reputation on here.

Reply by SheilaSJCA on 12/3/09 8:15pm
Msg #313053

Smug- are you saying that a notary with a profile here, also has a signing service, and they hired you to complete an assignment, and they are not paying? I am of the opinion, that we should share this sort of info. Just make sure you have all your facts straight.

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