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What does the word "final" mean?
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What does the word "final" mean?
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Posted by jonpa on 1/3/09 11:24am
Msg #273437

What does the word "final" mean?

I did a signing for a company that when they sent me the e-docs, had "final" in the subject line and that same word "final" in the body of the email in about 3 to 4 differant places.
What would you think if you were in my shoes and you have gotten this email?

Reply by John_NorCal on 1/3/09 11:46am
Msg #273440

My interpretation would be: final; finis; that's it; no more; finito; es todo; no mas; and nothing more to follow. Did I cover it? I'm done :-)

Reply by Leon_CO on 1/3/09 11:48am
Msg #273441

They left off the 'ly'

>> when they sent me the e-docs, had "final" in the subject line <<

What they meant was: 'You are getting the loan documents ...

... finally.'


Reply by Lee/AR on 1/3/09 12:07pm
Msg #273443

Tho' I do like your answer, Leon...

All it 'probably' means is that these are the 'final' docs...after they've fooled around with preliminary HUDs, etc. between Lender & TC. These are the 'final' (good to go) docs that need to be signed.

Reply by jonpa on 1/3/09 12:41pm
Msg #273449

That was all great answers. But there was more docs to be printed in another email. But did not get the second email untill like 2 hours before signing. I had to make a seperate trip and the company said at first they will pay me for the second trip, now they won't pay it. How wonderful these companies are. When a Notary makes a mistake we are charged for it. But when a company makes a mistake, oh well they say.

Reply by Lee/AR on 1/3/09 12:57pm
Msg #273450

Now I'm confused (a common event with me)

If you got another e-mail 2 hours before the signing, WHY did you have to make a 2nd trip?
Seems that 2 hours prior ought to be enough time to, at the very least, see the e-mail and question it with hiring entity. However, you also might have been on the road for a different signing, or, or, or. Also, with the 'final' set, did you have a more or less standard set of docs? HUD, Title stuff, lender docs? Or did they slip a bunch of broker docs, appraisal, or a previously overlooked Deed or some such in later...after the 'final'....and then try to blame you? Just don't have enough info here....sorry.

Reply by JanetK_CA on 1/4/09 12:24am
Msg #273464

Re: Now I'm confused (a common event with me)

Agreed. My guess is broker docs. In other words, "final" as opposed to "initial" docs; usually includes at least one copy of 1003, GFE and misc. disclosures, but no HUD, DOT or Note, etc. I have one client in particular that nearly always includes these, but they usually all come at once.

Reply by Tish/CA on 1/3/09 4:00pm
Msg #273454

If I'm understanding you correctly, I would interpret final to mean just that, Final. They owed you a phone call if another email came in after the "final" email. JMHO

Reply by ReneeK_MI on 1/4/09 5:46am
Msg #273472

What is it they say about assuming?

The term "final" means (as we see here) different things to different people, and depends on the context. Lee is right about the use as 'inside' jargon - "Final" docs is another term for "closing" docs, 'good to go' docs, etc - since docs and/or Huds get passed around to various places during the 'work up' stage.

That doesn't mean a SS could never use the term, or that it couldn't be used in another context, or that the word "final" was ever meant for YOUR interpretation but was simply a forwarded e-mail.

Always clarify anything you're not absolutely certain about.

Reply by SharonMN on 1/5/09 1:10pm
Msg #273600

Re: What is it they say about assuming?

I can't count the number of times I've gotten an email in reply to an email that says "Do not reply by email. I will be leaving the office now. Call my cell if any further information."

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