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Non-obligatory documents
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Non-obligatory documents
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Posted by ko/FL on 9/29/09 4:40pm
Msg #305607

Non-obligatory documents

I looked in my handbook and searched the orange button. Does anyone know if mtg, any riders in the mtg, the TIL, Note, RTC and 1003 are considered non-obligatory. Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Reply by MW/VA on 9/29/09 4:45pm
Msg #305609

Not the Note, certainly! I'm assuming you're referring to non-borrowing spouse. They sign what has to do with title, and nothing that has to do with the loan. The Note and 1003 are for the borrower.
The non-borrowing party also signs all the title docs. Sometimes they also need to sign the Compliance Agreement and a Signature/Name aff.

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 9/29/09 4:49pm
Msg #305610

Agree with Marilynn...but if it were me

I'd call my hiring party and ask them what they want signed by the Non-obligated spouse - it does differ from title co. to title co./lender to lender. I've had some where the nobs didn't sign a Signature/Name Affidavit or a Compliance Agreement - sometimes they sign the HUD, sometimes not...

Call your hiring party.

Reply by MW/VA on 9/29/09 4:55pm
Msg #305611

Yes, always check with the hiring party. I should have included that.

Reply by Dorothy_MI on 9/29/09 5:58pm
Msg #305620

Test Question!!!

I took the same test today

Reply by MW/VA on 9/29/09 7:03pm
Msg #305627

Re: Test Question!!!

I hate when they do that. To get answers to the questions on a test is cheating.
You're cheating yourself. We have too many notaries out there that are "certified" & don't know what the h#ll they're doing. Grrrrrr!

Reply by ko/FL on 9/29/09 7:14pm
Msg #305631

Re: Test Question!!!

I'm not cheating. I looked in my FL primer and SR book and could not find anything regarding the question. I wanted to learn what the question meant and how to find it.

Reply by jba/fl on 9/29/09 7:35pm
Msg #305635

What is SR book? Whose Fl. Primer? n/m

Reply by ko/FL on 9/29/09 7:38pm
Msg #305636

Re: What is SR book? Whose Fl. Primer?

My FL Notary Primer and Signing Registry Training Guide

Reply by jba/fl on 9/29/09 7:50pm
Msg #305638

Whose Fl. Primer? NNA?

If it is NNA, there are inaccuracies in that book.

I thought you meant Signing Registry, but wanted to be sure. There course should cover that. I don't have it, but if it has an index you should be able to ref. that to find what you need.
The Primer is strictly laws, rules, etc. Nothing to do with the loan signing aspect. Since it does contain some falsehoods, I would go to the Gov's site and download the Gov. Manual, print it out, and study it and have available for reference. Again, it will not cover beyond notary laws.

Reply by ko/FL on 9/29/09 8:03pm
Msg #305641

Re: Whose Fl. Primer? NNA?

Yes it is NNA and thank you.

Reply by PAW on 9/29/09 8:14pm
Msg #305645

Look under "Dower" and "Community Property" ... the SR Training Guide. Typically, the DOT/Mortgage must be signed in almost every case. Most lenders also include all the disclosures required by TILA; TIL, Itemization of Amount Financed and the RTC. Any beyond that, such as property related affidavits and documents and the HUD are up to the lender and/or title to determine.

Reply by John/CT on 9/29/09 8:10pm
Msg #305643

Are you talking about "Non-Obligatory" Spouse?

They, of course, would not sign the Note or 1003, but may also have to sign a Correction Agreement.

Reply by ko/FL on 9/29/09 8:52pm
Msg #305649

Re: Are you talking about "Non-Obligatory" Spouse?

Thanks for all of your input, I really appreciate it.

Reply by bfd110_IN on 9/30/09 7:09am
Msg #305662

When I read your profile.... certified through NNA. Been a notary for 10 years and have been a signing agent for 3 years.... I would think that is something with your extensive background that would be known. IMHO I think that goes back to basic 101......

Reply by MW/VA on 9/30/09 9:30am
Msg #305683

And this was a test question (according to Dorothy-MI). I'm guessing it was the NNA re-certification thingy. I still don't think it was appropriate to post to get the answer to the test question. A test is about testing your knowledge, right?

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 9/30/09 9:33am
Msg #305684

I think I have more of a problem with the fact that someone professing experience in the field has to post this question in the first place - they should know this by now.


Reply by PAW on 9/30/09 12:05pm
Msg #305703

I agree

Someone who states, "... including three years as a Notary Signing Agent. I am a certified, background screened member of the National Notary Association" should certainly know the answer to that question. But, it just goes to show you that 'certified by the NNA' really doesn't mean a whole lot.

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