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NNA's Trusted Enrollment Agent (TEA)
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NNA's Trusted Enrollment Agent (TEA)
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Posted by JDGATO on 3/11/10 4:46pm
Msg #326657

NNA's Trusted Enrollment Agent (TEA)

Anyone entered this?
Just got an email saying the following...
TEAs Being Dispatched For Largest Ever Defense Industry Assignment
Signaling the defense industry’s increasing demand for identity proofing services, the NNA’s Trusted Enrollment Agent™ Program (TEA) has just received its largest ever request for TEA services, an Association official announced. “We are encouraged that companies in the defense industry are finally able to work through the many serious issues that have delayed the government identity proofing requirements,” the official said. The request for 1,800 separate assignments by NNA TEA–certified Notaries could be the beginning of many more and larger requests, he added.

Reply by Cari on 3/11/10 6:09pm
Msg #326685

bla bla bla....not worth the money spent on training.... n/m

Reply by jba/fl on 3/11/10 6:12pm
Msg #326687

It is not the training -it is the membership that costs.UGH! n/m

Reply by RJE/MI on 3/11/10 6:37pm
Msg #326706

I took the training course a while ago

when this TEA thing 1st came out in '08. I finally got a request to do one a couple of weeks ago. The email told me to click a link if I was interested in "knowing" more about the assignment being offered. Actually all that did was confirm me to do it without knowing anything about it.

After they sent me the specifics I remembered that at least in '08 they were only paying $35 for a single appointment. I had a hour drive 1 way and only 1 person to Identify.

I sent the NNA an email explaining that I only clicked the link to see the specifics before I decided to take it. Now that I know it is a hour drive and the small amount of $ you pay I wish to decline this appointment.

They sent an email back saying they certianly DO NOT pay such a small amount and since it was so late, I think it was 8pm, could they call me Monday to discuss this with me.

I told them sure. Maybe they changed the payscale to better compensate TEAs. Well they never called back on Monday which leaves me to believe they wanted that time to see if they could find some other TEA to click on their link.

Anyway that's all I know about it.

Reply by MW/VA on 3/11/10 8:13pm
Msg #326729

It's a marketing campaign. I've heard of notaries who put

out the money & never heard a thing more. They are really good at selling their concepts.
They got me for cert/bgc. No more. I won't give them one more cent.

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