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99 Cent Store has pens, paper clips, rubber bands, binder
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99 Cent Store has pens, paper clips, rubber bands, binder
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Posted by kathy/ca on 10/6/10 3:02pm
Msg #355679

99 Cent Store has pens, paper clips, rubber bands, binder

clips, post it notes, push pins and so many other items we use on a regular basis. I was on my way to Staples and saw a 99 Cent Store next door and ran in to get something and was surprised at what I was able to get for so little money so I stocked up. I just wanted to share this in case others have not taken notice, I didnt until today! The only thing I ended up getting at Staples was legal size folders, 99 didnt have those!

Reply by Stephanie_CA on 10/6/10 3:08pm
Msg #355680

Thank you for the info, Kathy.

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 10/6/10 4:03pm
Msg #355698

Even on a weekly household basis

I just left the grocery store...again...$145 today, $55 Monday - I was putting everything away, looking at what I bought thinking "the Dollar store is looking more and more appealing.." Paper goods, cleaners, etc etc -

Reply by janCA on 10/6/10 4:21pm
Msg #355704

Re: Even on a weekly household basis

Do you have a Big Lots store? Bargains galore. And, Grocery Outlet. It's a grocery store heaven for many items. One-half of what you would pay in a regular grocery store.

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 10/6/10 6:11pm
Msg #355715

BigLots getting ready to open near us soon

I'll keep it in mind...

Reply by JanetK_CA on 10/7/10 2:18am
Msg #355750

Re: Even on a weekly household basis

I've scored some pretty good deals at Big Lots, but no Grocery Outlet around here that I'm aware of. I also have a 99 cent store near me, but I've found that you need to be careful about what are really bargains and what aren't. Some of the containers are smaller sizes than those found in other stores, so they may not be as much of a "deal" as they appear to be.

Also, as others have alluded to, some of the products are produced in other countries, so they don't need to conform to American standards of quality. On some of the non-consumables, I've found some to be even slightly better quality, but I think it pays to be extra careful.

For a while, my favorite thing there was the 50 cent ice cream sandwiches. Small enough and cheap enough to rationalize for an occasional treat! Wink I don't think they carry them anymore, though. (Probably just as well for me!)

Reply by Donna McDaniel on 10/6/10 4:22pm
Msg #355705

Wandering OT.....

Dollar General Market is wonderful. They took over the Food Lion buildings in my area.
Check em out!

I DO miss Publix, though...

Reply by ZeeCA on 10/6/10 4:49pm
Msg #355711

Re: Even on a weekly household basis

Dollar Store, 99c Store, Groc Outlet to name a few....I don't bother clipping coupons anymore cuz it is cheaper without the coupons at those stores........

Reply by NJW/FL on 10/6/10 5:29pm
Msg #355713

Re: Even on a weekly household basis

Ditto for me. Odd that the gov't states that the recession is over............

Reply by rengel/CA on 10/6/10 6:59pm
Msg #355719

Some of these stores even take Mfg's coupons!

Take them with you - it's worth a try!

Reply by BrendaTx on 10/6/10 7:15pm
Msg #355720

Agree, kathy/ca...but a few warnings!!!

(1) I heard on the news this morning that the products may have lead in them when they shouldn't, so don't suck on or chew the paperclips and rubberbands, or use the push pins to give yourself a tattoo. If you follow those guidelines, you should be safe.

(2) The "Post It Notes" might be knock offs, so you may run into sticky stuff that won't last a lifetime. But, hey, we only need those notes to stick for a few hours or a day, anyhow. They are Post It Notes, for pete's sake, not Post It Permanents.

(3) Finally, don't EVER, ever, ever EVER buy your crayons at the 99 cent store I am an expert on crayon quality and performance. Stick to Binney & Smith Crayola Crayons and you'll never be disappointed.

Whoa, whoa!! Wait? What's that? Other signing agents aren't coloring inside the lines of those HUGE BLOCK LETTERS, Stop!!! signs, and Big Fat Arrows? W-ow. I *always* go the extra mile.

Reply by BrendaTx on 10/6/10 7:50pm
Msg #355724

Okay...I kind of went off the road there but I totally agree

I buy a lot of office supply items at the dollar store places. BigLots! is another winner.

Reply by Stoli on 10/6/10 8:15pm
Msg #355727

Who cares if OT, Brenda, it still made me laugh! Thanks. n/m

Reply by BrendaTx on 10/6/10 8:34pm
Msg #355729

And, except for the Crayon comments...the rest did indeed

make the news.

It was a feature on saving money. Like Kathy says, you can save a lot at the $ stores. You just have to be careful on things that go into your mouth or on your skin.

Yep. The upside and the downside of saving money....always a darn downside. Fun sponging before 8 am is not fair.

Reply by Jayhawk/KS on 10/6/10 8:57pm
Msg #355730


This product is available at Dollar General and Dollar Tree, for $1.00 a bottle. There is absolutely nothing I have found that it won't take out. It cleans fiberglass showers with a Magic Eraser in a flash, get grime out of clothes in the wash, no rings. You were mentioning bargains, I consider this stuff the bargain of the century. Just mix with water.

Reply by Calnotary on 10/6/10 9:22pm
Msg #355734

How about the 99 cents printer cable?

I bought one a few years ago for just one dollar+tax and it's been doing the job just fine.

Reply by Hugh Nations Signing Agents of Austin on 10/6/10 11:44pm
Msg #355740

My neighbor two doors down...

...has quite ruefully advised me not to buy condoms at the Dollar Store.

Unfortunately, that advice was of limited use to me.

Reply by MistarellaFL on 10/7/10 10:34am
Msg #355797

Dollar Tree

I buy office supplies, household supplies and a bunch of junk I never knew I needed until I saw it at the Dollar Tree, where everything is $1.00 or less.
I usually start there before I head to Publix.
Prolly saves me (even with the extra junk) $100/month.

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