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Universal Notary, Inc 925-787-2738 G/B/U?
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Universal Notary, Inc 925-787-2738 G/B/U?
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Posted by Catherine (Kitty) Sorensen on 9/3/10 6:18pm
Msg #351500

Universal Notary, Inc 925-787-2738 G/B/U?

Just received a voicemail from "Joe" @ Universal Notary 925-787-2738. Has anyone worked for this company? Nothing in SC.


Reply by Yoli/CA on 9/3/10 6:38pm
Msg #351505

Have not heard of them nor worked with them. However, upon Googling, come across their website

His name is Joe Mecklenburg.

Reply by Calnotary on 9/3/10 10:25pm
Msg #351528

Why he needs your fed ex acct. number in order for you to register with his SS? I won't be giving my fed acct. number.

Reply by Catherine (Kitty) Sorensen on 9/4/10 12:46pm
Msg #351561

Thank you for your responses. Sounds too new for me, I'll pass. Agree, no company needs or will get my FedEx account number!

Thanks again and wishes for a Great holiday weekend to all!


Reply by Teresa/FL on 9/5/10 5:39pm
Msg #351644

Why he needs your fed ex acct. number

This is for a TC who is signing up to use his service.

I could not find a page to register as a notary, only as a company who would be utilizing his service.

Reply by Dmitri/SD/CA on 1/7/13 7:36pm
Msg #449383

Universal Notary just gave me an assignment, and after I had already confirmed the appointment with the Borrower and got the docs from the Escrow, Jackie e-mailed me to cancel the order "per Joe, her boss" because the Escrow asked them to do it for cheaper, so they will be working with another notary, their "regular", that can do "favors" for them. Very poor business practice, I would say!!!

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