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Lewis Notary Services, Inc.
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Lewis Notary Services, Inc.
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Posted by jaxson on 1/11/11 2:30pm
Msg #368041

Lewis Notary Services, Inc.

Has anyone had any experience with Lewis Notary Services? It is located in Carmel Indiana. I could not find anything with the Search button or on SC. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Reply by Marty/TN on 1/11/11 3:07pm
Msg #368047

Daniel Lewis, owner, is NNA's Notary of the Year for last year. I attended one seminar he taught for CEUs and he seemed to be very competent and very honorable. As far as working for him, that might be a diffferent situation, but as an individual, he definitely presents himself well and knows his stuff.

Reply by jaxson on 1/11/11 5:15pm
Msg #368097

Thanks Marty.

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